Carnival Cruise Alcohol Policy

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Can I bring alcohol on board and something about sneaking alcohol on Carnival cruise – the alcohol and beverage policy rules. This article belongs to the category of “cruise lines alcohol policies” from our “Alcohol Drinks Packages Menus” section.

The list of all Carnival cruise ships names:

  • Breeze, Conquest, Dream, Ecstasy, Elation, Fantasy, Fascination, Freedom, Glory, Imagination, Inspiration, Legend, Liberty, Magic, Miracle, Paradise, Pride, Sensation, Spirit, Splendor, Sunshine, Triumph, Valor, Victory, Vista.

Carnival alcohol policy – bringing alcohol on Carnival cruise ships

  • Carnival cruise alcohol and beverage policythe Carnival cruise alcohol policy as mostly about bringing wine on Carnival cruises – the allowance is 1 wine/Champagne bottle (750ml) per 21+ yo passenger, only once (on your first day embarkation) and only in the carry-on luggage. Follows the list of the “not allowed” alcohol rules from the Carnival’s NO list:
  • selling/serving alcohol to guests under 21 yo. Carnival reserves the right to refuse to sale alcohol to anyone.
  • buying alcohol for under-aged passengers.
  • the legal drinking age on Carnival cruise ships (the Carnival’s alcohol on board age limit) is 21 years of age. It’s both for purchasing and consumption of alcoholic beverages at all bars-lounges-shops.
  • purchasing alcohol in Ports of Call and the onboard (duty-free) shops – your liquor will be stored and retained and stored on board. until the end of your trip.
  • the Carnival”s corkage fee (an additional wine/Champagne serving charge when it wasn’t bought on the premises) – $10 per bottle if consumed in the Main dining room, $14 per bottle in the specialty restaurants (Steakhouse/Supper Club).
  • the Carnival’s “Booze Cruise” deal of the year – check the new Carnival Cheers program/all inclusive alcohol package – it’s an all-you-can-drink cruise deal and one of the best fun vacation ideas of CCL, so far. Carnival “all you can drink” cruise deals are also offered on charters and as specials on themed sailings.
  • Does Carnival cruise have free alcohol (along with other free/included stuff)? Yes, ii does: at the Captain’s Welcome and Farewell cocktail parties, Past Guests receptions, art auctions, free alcohol testing at duty-free shops (offered usually on the first day), free wine with Steakhouse reservations (first night promotion).

Carnival beverage policy – bringing water/soda on Carnival cruises

The old Carnival Cruise Lines alcohol and beverage policy rules are implemented, as they say, “to control the liquor consumption of minors and the quantities consumed that lead to the disruptive behavior of others on board” – meaning to avoid riots at sea.

According to the old Carnival cruise beverage policy:

  • the allowance was max 12 bottles/cans (max 20oz each, sealed) of non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, bottled water, juice, milk, iced tea, etc.
  • It was an yes to bringing soda on Carnival ships, but: only in the carry-on luggage, in the original and sealed containers (which means not opened), on each embarkation.
  • Note that “each embarkation” part – it also means you can do so at each port of call (consider it as an unwritten rule and one of the cool Carnival “tricks tips”). Be advised though – purchasing sodas at the various call ports can get rather expensive, so may be purchasing the Carnival soda card/package is not such a bad idea.

NEW – 2015 Carnival drink policy changes

Starting July 9, 2015, Carnival Cruise Lines changes radically its beverage policy. The rules on bringing water on Carnival cruise ships was changed as follows:

  • Carnival cruise passengers are no longer allowed to bring their own bottled drinks on board the Fun Ships. Main goal (as officially announced) is to lower the number of attempts by customers of the line to sneak alcohol on board using PVC bottles. Checking PVC bottles for liquor smuggling bogs down the ship’s embarkation process, as security staff checks each bottle.
  • Carnival passengers will be allowed to bring a quantity of max 12 unopened cans (volume 12-ounce) or cartons per passenger. The list of canned drinks includes soda, juices, milk, sparkling water. Those must be stored in the carry-on luggage.
  • Signs with the beverage policy changes will be posted at all embarkation ports.
  • Large coolers are not allowed. Still, you can take small coolers (max size 12x12x12 inches, or 30x30x30 cm) as carry-on luggage. These are used for non-alcoholic beverages and/or medications.

The Carnival’s wine policy remains unchanged. The line continues to allow passengers to bring one bottle of wine or champagne PP (750 ml, unopened, in carry-on luggage). No other alcohol/liquor is allowed on board.

Also unchanged is the line’s rule about bringing distilled water onboard. This includes only passengers who need it – for babies or for a CPAP machine (“continuous positive airway pressure”).

The Carnival Cruise Lines current bottled water prices are US$2,99 (plus tax) for a 12-pack. The pricing is if you buy it before the sailing, and the pack will be delivered to your cabin before the cruise. Onboard water price is US$4.99 (plus tax).

Sneaking alcohol on Carnival cruise – the alcohol policy of the “cheap fun” people, and why some do it anyway

In the “Carnival case”, besides the “thrill of sneaking something” (alcohol or whatever), most “smugglers” do it because alcohol prices on Carnival cruise ships are not cheap enough. Even if you order liquor through Bon Voyage/Fun Shop (prior to sailing) it’s 2-3 times more expensive than if you purchase it at your local liquor store. But – for what is what – some do it simply because Carnival doesn’t supply their favorite brand. This “noble crime” case involves people who drink very expensive alcohol and CCL carry’s very “mid” shelf liquor brands as their “top” shelf.

The Carnival Bon Voyage/Fun Shops service allows guests to purchase liquor and have it delivered to their staterooms the second day of the sailing. All you need to do is to dial the Carnival Bon Voyage department number (800-522-7648). Remember that the deadline is 1 week prior to sailing. And here’s the link to the Carnival Bon Voyage/Fun Shop liquor prices.

Two useful “bringing alcohol on Carnival cruise” tips:

  • If you purchase your alcohol from the Fun Shops, you will be allowed to put your booze in a stainless steel flask (or a Carnival tumbler) and carry it around the ship. Be sure not to take it with you while leaving the ship in port – if Carnival personnel find it, they will confiscate the flask when you get back on board! Of course, only if there’s alcohol in it!
  • Pack your empty flask in the carry-on bag – if you pack it in checked baggage you’ll most probably get called to the “naughty guys room” to open luggage for inspection.

The smuggler’s know-how for sneaking alcohol on Carnival (and all the rest not all-inclusive alcohol cruise lines)

The question how to smuggle alcohol on cruise ships is one of the oldest in the industry. Smuggling alcohol on Carnival cruise ships is against the line’s policy – t’s forbidden, it’s illegal, it’s a dangerous for your emotions endeavor – don’t do it!  Their personnel will check your luggage, and if you get caught the hooch will be confiscated – and basically that’s all.


  • The confiscated bottle(s)/cans will stored for safekeeping until the morning of the last debarkation (at the end of the sailing, of course), but the “illegal” liquor/water/soda/wine must be in original manufacturer sealed containers (other containers won’t be returned). All unsealed liquids will be discarded, without any compensation.
  • The “Rum Runner flask” (which costs around $10) have the best chance to go through security. These flasks are usually smuggled in checked baggage and are almost undetectable. However, if security check your bags for another reason and sees them, the flasks will be taken and not returned.
  • The latest hit is the “Wine Rack”! This is the boob enhancing alcohol bra (on the nice looking lady on the right) for over 25oz/750ml boobs booze of your choice. Turn the pricey fun ship drink deal into your best cheap cruise alcohol deal ever with this revolutionary boob (sorry) booze smuggling device. They are absolutely right by saying this is way better than a regular boob job, and way more cheaper too! Beautiful women look even more beautiful, and save lots of cash on over priced cruise drinks! The sneaking alcohol tool price – now only for US$30! Ahhhhhhhh, same goes with the “BeerBelly” (at US$30, capacity up to 80oz/2,4L).
  • Adults with a record of sneaking alcohol on Carnival ships, buying it for consumption by underage passengers, or with other regular violations of the CCL’s beverage policy may end up even with an “early” no-compensation disembarkation.

Summary – you may buy and drink almost all the quantity applicable with the “rules of civility and decent behavior”, but only at the onboard bars-lounges-restaurants. Or simply don’t drink so much on the boat if prices don’t suite you – there are enough call ports on the itinerary, you know! And considering the smuggling/sneaking of alcohol on board – common, you guys, do some splurging while on vacation! It’s your Fun Ship time of the year, so pay some respect to the company that provides it, and to all the people working for you on that ship! Be a nice guy, don’t be stingy, be fun!

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