Cruise News

Why this “Cruise News” section? Because knowledge has to be challenged daily! We shall try to increase your knowledge about cruising with our latest news by cruise line. Find here interesting facts concerning newest cruise ships, on order or under construction- from small to really really big, to ever largest ships in the world.

Find out which are the major shipbuilding companies or where is the biggest shipbuilding yard. Our top topic here is the cruise ship refurbishments schedule – about all dry-dock major refits and regular renovations of small and big vessels. Other top rated surveys here are the health issue about Norovirus on cruise ships, review of the Ship Breaking markets, Costa Concordia disaster. And many others to come!

Enjoy the “shore cruising” experience!

cruise ship accidents-incidents reports

Cruise Ship Accidents

This is a hub-page for cruise ship accidents and incidents reports. We offer you here statistics and data on the “unpleasant cruise” events at sea, such as cruise ship disasters (sunk, run aground, collision, fire, mechanical problems, illness/Norovirus outbreaks), and also… Continue reading »

P and O Britannia cruise ship

P&O Britannia cruise ship

MS Britannia cruise ship is a creation exclusively for Britain! These days P&O Cruises UK proudly presents all over the Web the name its newest cruise ship – Britannia! This is the most perfect name a cruise ship departing from Britain… Continue reading »

Cruise Ship Virus Norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships

Norovirus on Cruise Ships

Here are listed Norovirus cruise ship virus outbreaks on passenger ships. Read here how to avoid Norovirus on cruise ships, with all the news makers and latest updates. Here you will find all links to the official CDC Norovirus cruise outbreak reports… Continue reading »

cruise ship refurbishment

Cruise Ship Refurbishment Schedule

Our cruise ship refurbishments schedule of dry-dock dates has news and information on refits, regular maintenance and repairs, overhauls and renovation of small and big cruise passenger ships. Cruise ship refurbishment tends to be the best value-for-money strategy and a highly successful policy for major… Continue reading »

breaking a ship how to

Ship Breaking

Ship breaking (also called ship demolition) is the process of dismantling ships for scrap metal and recycling or disposal. Today the ship breaking process takes place in a facility called ship breaking yard, while in the past scrapping ships took place… Continue reading »

Costa Cruise Lines history review

Shipbuilding Companies

Our offer for today is a list of major Shipbuilding (ship manufacturing) companies and the world’s largest cruise ship builders. Wanna know what are the largest shipbuilding countries, what is the largest shipbuilding company or what is the largest shipbuilding yard?… Continue reading »

newest cruise ships

Newest Cruise Ships

Find here the answer to which are the newest cruise ships currently under construction or on order. You can jump directly to the new river cruise ships list or to the list of all new cruise ships 2015-2018 orders/under construction. Here… Continue reading »