Cruises to Nowhere

What is “Cruise To Nowhere” and does it mean that a cruise ship is going nowhere? We give you the ultimate list of all cruise ships sailing the always very special cruises to Nowhere with 2015-2016 departures from NYC/New York, from Sydney/Australia, from Southampton/England/UK, from Tampa/Florida, and some departing from some other places. This review is integrated with NYC Cruise to Nowhere, and Party Cruises.

Here you will find information on Cruise To Nowhere 2015 and 2016 deals as sailing / departure dates, prices and departure ports. As to the itineraries, they are always round-trips, without any call ports on the route.

“Cruise to Nowhere” – what is, where to find them, why Nowhere cruise deals are so “hot cool”

  • cruise to nowhere from Florida, Norfolk, Boston, NYC, Mobile AlabamaWhat are Cruises to Nowhere (the definition)? As a concise overview – it’s an always round-trip special cruise itinerary with no other call ports than your disembarkation port, which happens to be the same as your embarkation port (the cruise ship port of departure). For more details (mainly on the experiences) follow the previous link
  • Why to take a Cruise to Nowhere? Three very big reasons – and the first one is that it is very short as duration (its cruise length is 1 or 2 night, rarely 3- or 4-night), so by this variable is more like mini cruise deals (but not all of them are round-trips, and they usually visit other ports). Being a short cruise is an important issue, considering your business schedule, right? The second one is it’s from the category of very cheap cruise deals – the no-call-ports itinerary and the duration are major determinants of cruise prices – port charges, fuel consumption, etc. The third one is it’s one of the very special types of cruises – rare to be found (as number of sailings per year), offered by a very limited number of passenger ships (excluding trips by smaller boats and floating hotel-casino ship deals), extremely popular, departures only from the world’s biggest cruise ports of the world’s most developed countries – like USA, UK, Australia.

And finally, about the real deals – what is from where, when and for how much. As to the cost of cruises to Nowhere, the prices are always per person (based on double occupancy), we will give you only the cheapest cruise rates in US dollars on the lowest cabin category by ship (it’s usually an Inside stateroom), all prices are indicative and may change due to availability. So, compare sailing dates and prices, pick your port of departure, book it! Be aware, that availability is a strong issue on this one – early booking is a must! It really goes to Nowhere, but it is a so so so special deal – and we all like “special” very much!

Cruise to Nowhere 2016

Most of these special round-trip itineraries are offered as departures from some of the largest USA cruise ports. Just follow the ship links from the table to see regularly updated indicative prices per person (double occupancy) to compare . These links will show you the ship’s individual “itinerary-schedule-current position” page also showing cheapest rates on the lowest cabin category currently available for booking.

Line/Ships 1-night Cruise To Nowhere 2-night Cruise To Nowhere 3-night Cruise To Nowhere

Carnival Cruise to Nowhere 2016

Carnival Breeze  
  • Dec 09 – 2-day from Galveston Texas
Carnival Sunshine
  • from NYC (2016)  Jun 18, Oct 8
  • from Charleston SC (2016, Nov 11)
  • from Norfolk VA (2016, Jun 10, Oct 28)

NCL Norwegian Cruises to Nowhere 2015-2016

Norwegian Escape from Southampton  UK

  • 2015 (Oct 27)
Norwegian Dawn from New Orleans

  • 2015 (Nov 13)
Norwegian Breakaway from New York

  • 2015 (Dec 11)
  • 2016 (Jan 15 & 29, Feb 12)

4-3-2-day Cruise to Nowhere Sydney-Brisbane, Australia 2015-2016

RCL Explorer of the Seas Cruises to Nowhere from Sydney AU

  • 3-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2015 (Nov 29)
  • 3-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2016 (Feb 11)

RCL Legend of the Seas Cruises to Nowhere from Brisbane AU

  • 2-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2015 (Dec 8)

P&O Pacific Aria Cruises to Nowhere from Sydney AU

  • 3-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2016 (Apr 23; Jun 03,10)

P&O Pacific Eden Cruises to Nowhere from Sydney AU

  • 3-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2015 (Dec 04)
  • 3-night Cruise to Nowhere – 2016 (Dec 04).

You can share/like our survey on Cruise to Nowhere 2015-2016 deals via the social buttons. Note: we update our prices regularly, but “indicative” indicates travelers must rely only on the rates in the time of booking. Because, like all things money related, prices are subject to change. Have a great short break cruise vacations, and always happy and safe sailings!

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