Cunard Christmas New Years Cruises

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The special “big ocean liner” luxury Cunard Line Christmas and New Year cruises for 2015 and 2016 may be your present for the new year coming. Only “the world’s most famous” cruise liners, their most special itineraries to some of the world’s most exotic destinations are represented togethter with Cunard luxury Xmas ship cruise prices to compare, and integrated with our Christmas New Years Eve Cruises hub.

Operating longer than usual itineraries, the Cunard Line “end of the year” sailings can be more properly categorized as “Cunard Christmas New Year cruises” – since virtually all of them start before the Christmas Day (December 25) and have duration from 10+ days (with up to 20 days itineraries), thus combining the Christmas fun with the New Year’s Eve cruise party.Review of Cunard Christmas cruises and New Years Eve deals

Cunard New Year cruises offer the ultimate, classic and charmingly traditional British luxury cruising by first-class “big to biggest” oceanic cruise liners featuring top luxury hotel amenities in some of the largest staterooms at sea, unique facilities, an exceptional cuisine and superior service – all this in the ambiance of the Britain’s best seafaring traditions and the fragrance of the high society club experiences. Enjoy the very last days of the year in the company of rich people, on a not-so-cheap but most luxurious Cunard December Holiday ship cruise vacation – the perfect way to start a perfectly good new year!

Cunard cruise prices you can compare by following the three ship-links below. And this is the link to the Cunard Line’s official website.

Cunard Cruises Christmas 2015-2016 and New Years Eve

Cunard cruise ships, departure ports, destinations Christmas and New Year Itineraries
Cunard Queen Elizabeth from UK (Southampton round-trip cruise) to the Mediterranean & Canary Islands, Amsterdam (2016)
  • (2015, December 22) 15-days from Southampton visiting Lanzarote, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Tenerife/Canary Islands, Funchal (Dec 30-Jan 01), Cadiz and Lisbon, in Southampton on Jan 06.
  • (2016, December 17) 12-days from Southampton visiting Funchal, St Cruz De La Palma, Tenerife, Gran Canaria (Dec 24), La Coruna, in Southampton on Dec 29.
  • (2016, December 29) 5-days Amsterdam and Bruges from Southampton to Amsterdam (Dec 31-Jan 01), Zeebrugge (02), in Southampton on Jan 03.
Cunard Queen Mary 2 from NYC, New York, to the Caribbean
  • (2015, December 22) 12-days round-trip itinerary, visiting St Thomas, Basseterre, St. Lucia (Castries), Saint Maarten, Tortola (Dec 30), in New York City on Jan 3. The longer (19-days) itinerary adds to the previous the classic Cunard Transatlantic crossing from UK to New York, and you’ll have to embark in Southampton on Dec 15.
  • (2016, December 22) 12-days round-trip from New York, visiting St Thomas, Philipsburg, Roseau, Basseterre, Tortola (30), in New York on Jan 03. The longer (19-days) itinerary adds Transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton – in Southampton on Jan 10. Another option is departing on Dec 15 (Southampton) for a 26-days round-trip cruise.
Cunard Queen Victoria to Canaries round-trip from Southampton, England
  • (2015, December 17) 12-days Canary Islands itinerary from Southampton visiting Funchal, La Palma, Tenerife (Dec 23), Gran Canaria and Lisbon (Dec 26), in Southampton on Dec 29;
  • (2015, December 29) 5-days itinerary to visit Amsterdam/Holland (Jan 01) and Zeebrugge/Belgium, in Southampton on Jan 03.
  • (2016, December 22) 14-days Canary Islands from Southampton, visiting Vigo, Casablanca (Dec 26), Gran Canaria, Tenerife, St Cruz De La Palma, Funchal, Madeira (Dec 31-Jan 01), Lisbon, in Southampton on Jan 05.

Have your best luxury fun on your most merry and happy “Cunard style” Xmas and New Years Eve cruise ever, and always safe and happy Cunard sailings in all the years to come!

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