Disney Cruise Kids Sail Free

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Disney “Cruise Kids” sail free? When and on which ship your “Disney kids” will sail for free, what is the port of departure for the Disney kids free cruises – and what are the grown-up prices on these sailings.

Disney Cruises “kids sail free” deals are one of the best Disney specials considering the “not so cheap at all” Disney tickets prices – both at sea and ashore. In short, these Disney kids specials are only on Disney voyages in low-season (late Winter – early Spring).

Disney cruise “kids sail free” promotion

Disney Cruise Kids Sail Free promotion codeLook to lines like Disney Cruise Line for reduced “kids sail free” fares and just be prepared to operate quickly when such fast-moving promotions are being announced.

The KSF (as well as other special rates) are usually announced for cruises that are not selling well, 45-90 days out from the particular cruises that have them. There is really no way of knowing for sure for which cruises the “kids sail free” discounted rates will be, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the sailings that you’re interested in.

The occasional Disney Cruise Line offer Kids Sail Free is among the most popular sailing promotions.

Kids Sail Free Special Info

  • The ages considered “kids” on Disney are from infant to 17 years old.
  • Normally, up to two free kids per stateroom can sail for free as most staterooms sleep up to 4 passengers. The first two in each stateroom have to be paid, regardless of their age, so larger families can require multiple staterooms. A limited amount of rooms can sleep up to 5 passengers where all 3 kids would sail free. However, the rate for the two adults will be higher because the room will be larger. In fact, the staterooms which sleep up to five tend to sell out first because their number is limited.
  • The cost for the adults always depends on a variety of factors, but the most significant include: the length of your sailing, the category you book and the dates you choose. The less expensive cabins are commonly the first to go, so you will prefer to book first for the most desirable dates (normally school breaks and holidays). The shorter sailings are normally less expensive than the longer voyages. However, the longer sailings often have lower price per night. Cost also depends on the type of stateroom and category you choose. Inside staterooms, of course are less priced than the Verandah or Oceanview staterooms. Even within the room types, there are pricing variations.
  • Though costs vary dramatically, to give an idea of the Kids Sail Free offers on Disney, here are some SAMPLE prices to get an idea of cost:

4-day Oceanview Stateroom to the Western Caribbean from $600 per adult
6-day Inside Stateroom to the Western Caribbean from $900 per adult
8-day Inside Stateroom to the Bahamas from $1,200 per adult

  • Disney passengers are also responsible for paying Government taxes and fees – these have to be payed for all guests (including kids during Kids Sail Free) and average around $12 per person per day.
  • Flexibility is the key if you’re looking for the very best price on a Disney Cruise during Kids Sail Free. Look at all dates, itineraries and staterooms to determine which is the best fare for your family.
  • If you wonder when to book Kids Sail Free, remember that sometimes there is a cut-off date when the promo expires. However, usually Kids Sail Free specials are being sold out long before expiration date. Better book as soon as possible to make sure that Kids Sail Free is still available and you’ll get good stateroom availability.
  • In addition to accommodations, onboard entertainment, meals, snacks, most non-alcoholic beverages and kids camps are included. A Disney cruise includes also the transportation to some of the best ports in the world.
  • There are some activities that are optional on a Disney cruise vacation and require extra charge, such as salon visits, spa treatments, phone calls, video games, photos, babysitting for kids 12 weeks to 3 years old, shopping, Internet, alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks.

Disney “kids sail free” deals

Eligible for the Disney cruise children free trips are the biggest Disney fun fans ages 17-, sailing with 2 adult guests in the same cabin. Disney kids sail for free deals are attainable by booking Disney Wonder cabins category 10C (deluxe interior), through 4A (deluxe balcony family cabin). The Disney Magic ship passenger capacity is 2,400 guests (maximum, with double occupancy). Still, the availability is very limited, due to the promotional cabin categories and the most popular vacation type “2 adults plus 2 minors” – so don’t think too much about it!

Booking early does not necessarily rule travellers out from all specials. Therefore, before you’re in the penalty booking phase, usually seventy-five days out (depending on itinerary), things are changeable. If you aren’t in penalty and a Kids Sail Free special comes out, you are able to switch over. In case you are in it, sometimes canceling and rebooking will still save money.

Remember that the Kids Sail Free promotions are subject to change. These are also for a limited time, and may not be valid at the time you want to sail. Most lines offer reduced fares for 3rd and 4th persons (adults or kids) sharing cabin with two other passengers.

The “kids sail free” Disney special is also applicable to all existing reservations. The Disney kids cruise free discount CODE is “KFO” (probably an acronym for “Kids Free Offer”). You can share this so very important information via our “Disney social buttons” below. Happy sailings to all small big fans of the best Disney kids free cruise FUN! Enjoy it to the full!

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