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Holland America Repositioning Cruises 2014

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Holland America repositioning cruises 2014 Spring and Fall relocation ships to and from Alaska, along with Transatlantic cruises to Europe from Florida and from Europe to USA, are coming now with special offers! HAL cruises through Panama Canal (Florida-California), Canada New England to/from Florida (Fort Lauderdale), South America, and Asia will tempt you as long as you read this article! Integrated with our hub for Relocation Cruises - Holland America and the rest of the world’s best cruise lines and their famous ships.

HAL / Holland America repositioning cruise ships

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For the Holland America Line repositioning cruise ships’ detailed itinerary-schedule-prices comparison (indicative cabin rates PP) just follow the ship link from the below table.

  • This is the link to the line’s website.
  • Holland America Transatlantic ships (Europe, Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Tampa) and NYC/New York) - Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Ryndam.
  • Holland America Alaska repositioning ships (Vancouver-Seattle, Hawaii-Australia, and passing through Panama Canal) – Oosterdam, Statendam, Westerdam, Zaandam, Zuiderdam, Volendam.
  • Holland America CANADA/New England ships (reposition to/from Florida) – Eurodam, Maasdam, Veendam.

Holland America Repositioning Cruises 2014 Spring and Fall – Transatlantic, Panama Canal, Alaska (Vancouver-Seattle)

ships 2014 Spring Fall 2014
ms Amsterdam Alaska repositioning, Panama Canal, Transpacific
  • 14d (Apr 28) – from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego.
  • 18d (Apr 28) – from Florida to Vancouver (+ Port Angeles WA).
ms Eurodam Transatlantic cruise, Iceland, Canada, Panama Canal
  • 18d (Apr 28) – from Fort Lauderdale  to Vancouver.
  • 15d (Apr 28) -from Florida to Los Angeles CA.
  • 3d (May 13) – from Los Angeles to Vancouver.
  • 17d (Aug 27) from Copenhagen to New York.
  • 11d (Oct 14) – from Quebec City/Canada to Fort Lauderdale FL.
ms Maasdam Florida-Canada cruise, Transatlantic
  • 14d (May 2) – from Fort Lauderdale FL to Montreal, Quebec/Canada.
ms Nieuw Amsterdam Transatlantic cruise
  • 13d (Apr 6) – from Fort Lauderdale FL to Barcelona.
  • 24d (Oct 15) – from Venice to Florida.
  • 12d (Oct 27) – from Barcelona to Florida.
ms Noordam Transatlantic cruise
  • 13d (Mar 21) – from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona Spain.
  • 14d (Oct 19) – from Barcelona to Florida.
ms Oosterdam Australia to/from Hawaii-Alaska
  • 28d (Apr 13) – from Sydney to Alaska/Seattle.
  • 29d (Apr 13) – from Sydney to Vancouver.
  • 24d (Sep 28) – from Vancouver to Sydney/Australia.
  • 23d (Sep 29) – from Seattle to Sydney/Australia.
ms Prinsendam Transatlantic cruise Bermuda -
  • 15d (Nov 4) – from Rome to Florida.
ms Ryndam Transatlantic cruise
  • 14d (Apr 6) – from Fort Lauderdale FL to Barcelona.
  • 14d (Nov 1) – from Barcelona to Tampa FL.
ms Statendam Panama Canal cruise to/from Alaska-Florida
  • 33d (Apr 15) – from San Diego to Hawaii-Vancouver.
  • 1d (Sep 28) – from Vancouver to Seattle.
ms Veendam Panama Canal, South America-Florida-Boston
  • 14d (Mar 30) – from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale.
  • 16d (Jul 12) – from Boston to Amsterdam.
  • 17d (Jul 29) – from Amsterdam to Boston.


  • 20d (Oct 18) – from Boston to San Diego.
  • 16d (Oct 22) – from Fort lauderdale to San Diego
ms Volendam Transpacific cruise Asia-Alaska
  • 17d (Apr 14) – from Japan to Alaska.
  • 23d (Sep 24) – from Vancouver to Sydney Australia.
  • 20d (Sep 27) – from Los Angeles to Australia.
  • 15d (Nov 22) – from Sydney Australia to Singapore.
ms Westerdam Panama Canal, Alaska-Vancouver-Seattle-Vancouver
  • 18d (Apr 15) – from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle.
ms Zaandam Panama Canal cruise, Alaska, South America
  • 16d (Apr 12) – from Santiago/Chile to San Diego CA.
  • 20d (Apr 12) from South America to Alaska/Vancouver (+ Victoria).
  • 21d (Oct 5) – from Vancouver to Santiago/Chile.
  • 17d (Oct 9) – from San Diego to South America.
ms Zuiderdam to/from Alaska through Panama Canal
  • 21d (Apr 18) – from Fort Lauderdale to Alaska/Vanvouver.
  • 26d (Sep 20) – from Vancouver to Florida.
  • 2d (Sep 27) – from Vancouver to San Francisco.
  • 16d (Sep 30) – Panama Canal from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale.

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