Iceland Cruises

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Iceland Cruises from UK, and from all Northern European ports, even from Montreal and Boston, are reviewed here. Visit this magical territory so close to the Mother continent and yet almost unknown. Choose cruises to Iceland itinerary 2015 for life-time memories and an experience like no other. Visited by around 1,2 million foreigners annually, this is one inordinary, extraordinarily strange and so very beautiful destination. Integrated with P and O cruises 2015-2016 itineraries and Northern Lights Cruises.

Iceland Cruises 2015

P&O Norway Fjords and Iceland cruises Northern Lights are the best way to discover the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords – the only way is sailing through them. Discover breathtaking sights of Norway and explore ports like Bergen, Stavanger, Flamm on foot. Iceland, Norway, and fjords cruises are really magical!Iceland Cruises - best places to visit in Iceland

By taking a Norwegian fjord cruise you will taste the marvelous views of snow capped mountains and ancient glaciers. Discover quiet fishing villages and relax under the endless light in summer – get the chance to see the phenomenon of ‘midnight sun’.

Norway cruises also give you the opportunity to visit a range of historic cities, along with fascinating natural beauty. Discover how sea and hard conditions shaped people’s lives- people, who call Norway and Iceland their home. This is the link to the Wikipedia’s article on Iceland.

One of the stops on an Iceland cruise is Akureyri, 100 km from the Arctic Circle, famous for the best summer weather in Iceland. This town boasts botanical gardens and 18-hole golf course which are the most northerly in the world, as well as interesting shopping opportunities and museums.

Passengers can take day trips to Lake Myvatn, Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods), and Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles), where the landscape is defined by vast lava formations. Isafjordur offers facilities that disprove the small size of the town. With excellent outdoor facilities, such as hiking routes, golf area and ski slopes for all skill levels, Isafjordur keeps all its guests entertained.

Reykjavik is the highlight of an Iceland cruise. Its closeness to nature means it also has various outdoor activities. The city itself is remarkably friendly and clean, with a vibrant atmosphere making it a pleasure to explore.

A cruise of Iceland offers something for everyone with the chance to sail along Iceland’s striking coastline, hike to Mt Esja’s top, snorkeling where continental flakes meet, kayaking on Thingvellir lake and rock climbing in Hvalfjorour fjord.

But a cruise to Iceland is not just about natural beauty. Your Iceland voyage also gives the opportunity to explore Viking history, as well as nightclubs and bars. Seafood is always on the menu – make sure you try the Icelandic pylsur (hot dog) as you stop by one of the many street stalls. Most travellers expect to find generous stews, but, indeed, the Baltic cities are home to wonderful dishes and wide menus served with black rye bread. Fresh fish, meats and herbs in the summer sun – that’s what you can really expect.

Exploring, whale watching and eating will be high on the agenda and, though the temperatures are really cool, a cruise vacation to Iceland brings a warm welcome from the locals. If you choose to visit Iceland in the winter, you’ll experience cold winds and snows that make the cities and the cosy cafes more appealing. Choose to visit Iceland in the summer, to be rewarded with stunning open spaces and warm sun.

Baltic’s history is connected with trade, with the mighty Hanseatic League creating wonderful cities still existing today and trading their wares. Scandinavia and Iceland, by contrast, have more traditional history. Fishing plays a major role in Iceland’s development and there are wonderful sights to see in a cruise north.

The Baltic is home to refined concert halls and theaters, playing host to the best performers in the world. Some of the best museums in the world are also in the Baltic – the Hermitage in St Petersburg is a spectacular example.

Iceland cruises from UK ports

Some of the most popular deals to this destination are the cruises to Iceland departing from UK cruise ports. As seen from the lists below, most of the itineraries (and the cheapest ones ) are with departures from Southampton, Dover and Harwich – all ports to London, England.

Officially called ‘the land of ice and fire’, cruises to Iceland offer incredible experiences both as sea and shore excursions experience. See below and compare as routes and prices our selection of Iceland cruises from UK (Southampton, Harwich or Dover) to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean travel and to explore the Iceland’s volcanic landscape and culture. Iceland as destination is one of the most unique and exciting on earth, with both volcanic lakes and glaciers creating an amazing vista that must be seen. The crystal clear waters surrounding Iceland represent one of the richest in the world marine habitats. All kind of aquatic life provides wonderful opportunities for watching the extraordinary wildlife on one very special cruising vacation.

Iceland Cruises 2015 schedule

  • June 13, ms Ryndam 21-day round-trip from Harwich
  • June 17, Nautica 20-day one-way from Dover to Southampton
  • June 20, ms Ryndam 14-day round-trip from Harwich
  • June 24, P&O Oriana 14-day round-trip from Southampton
  • June 27, Celebrity Eclipse 14-day round-trip from Southampton
  • June 29, Disney Magic 11-day from Copenhagen to Dover
  • July 12Sea Princess 13-day one-way from Southampton to New York
  • July 24Insignia 23-day one-way from Montreal to Southampton
  • July 25, ms Veendam 18-day one-way from Boston to Amsterdam
  • July 25, ms Ryndam 21-day round-trip from Harwich
  • July 29, Brilliance of the Seas 12-day round-trip from Harwich
  • August 01, ms Ryndam 14-day and 28-day round-trips from Harwich
  • August 01, Silver Explorer 14-day one-way from Longyearbyen to Reykjavik
  • August 12, P&O Arcadia 14-day round-trip from Southampton
  • August 29Caribbean Princess 23-day one-way from Southampton to New York
  • August 30Serenade of the Seas 16-day one-way from Copenhagen to New York
  • September 03, Brilliance of the Seas 15-day one-way from Harwich to Boston
  • September 05, Caribbean Princess 16-day one-way from Southampton to New York
  • September 08, Silver Whisper 17-day one-way from Southampton to Montreal.

You can share/like/rate our review on the Iceland Cruises via the social buttons. Visit us again soon for more destinations (departure ports), dates and prices update. Now we cover except the UK ports, also all offers for departures from Northern Europe ports, with detailed review of the experience. You guys, enjoy your expensive and so mesmerizingly beautiful vacations to the magical land of the ice!

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