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Compare dates and prices on Cruise and Maritime Voyages ms Marco Polo cruises itinerary 2015 and itinerary 2016 programs. MS Marco Polo schedule calendar includes the Caribbean, North and Norwegian Sea departing from UK (Tilbury/London), Transatlantic.

At page bottom are ms Marco Polo cruise ship accident report and ms Marco Polo current position tracker.

ms Marco Polo cruise ship information

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ms Marco Polo ship cruise prices

The ms Marco Polo cruise schedule listed below shows all departures and tickets prices Per Person (double occupancy, USD). These are only the cheapest Cruise and Maritime Voyages Marco Polo cruise prices on the ship’s lowest category cabins available for booking.

All ms Marco Polo cruise prices shown below are indicative. Know, that CMV prices may change with departure dates approaching, discounts and promotions, deals inclusive of onboard credit, different travel agencies offers, etc.

mv Marco Polo itinerary 2015 cruise schedule

Departure Itinerary / Schedule / Timetable Lowest price from
Feb 16 (Mon)
14-day from
Feb 16 (Tilbury, dep), Feb 17 (Amsterdam), Feb 18 (At Sea), Feb 19 (Alesund), Feb 20 (Svartisen), Feb 21 (Tromso), Feb 22 (Honningsvag), Feb 23 - Feb 24 (Alta), Feb 25 (Vesterlen), Feb 26 (At Sea), Feb 27 (Andalsnes), Feb 28 (Bergen), Mar 01 (At Sea), Mar 02 (Tilbury).
Mar 02 (Mon)
14-day from
Mar 02 (Tilbury, dep), Mar 03 (Amsterdam), Mar 04 (At Sea), Mar 05 (Alesund), Mar 06 (Svartisen), Mar 07 (Tromso), Mar 08 (Honningsvag), Mar 09 - Mar 10 (Alta), Mar 11 (Vesterlen), Mar 12 (At Sea), Mar 13 (Andalsnes), Mar 14 (Bergen), Mar 15 (At Sea), Mar 16 (Tilbury).
Mar 16 (Mon)
11-day from
Mar 16 17:00 (Tilbury, dep), Mar 17 (At Sea), Mar 18 07:00 - 17:00 (Kirkwall), Mar 19 09:30 - 16:30 (Torshavn), Mar 20 - Mar 21 (At Sea), Mar 22 06:00 - Mar 23 23:30 (Reykjavik), Mar 24 (At Sea), Mar 25 09:30 - 18:30 (Invergordon), Mar 26 (At Sea), Mar 27 08:00 (Tilbury). $2099
Mar 27 (Fri)
6-day from
Mar 27 (Tilbury, dep), Mar 28 - Mar 29 (Rouen), Mar 30 (Saint Helier), Mar 31 (Cherbourg), Apr 01 (Zeebrugge), Apr 02 (Tilbury).
Apr 02 (Thu)
9-day from
Apr 02 (Tilbury, dep), Apr 03 (At Sea), Apr 04 (Invergordon), Apr 05 (Ullapool), Apr 06 (Tobermory), Apr 07 (Dublin), Apr 08 (Saint Mary's), Apr 09 (Saint Peter Port), Apr 10 (Honfleur), Apr 11 (Tilbury).
Apr 11 (Sat)
6-day from
Apr 11 (Tilbury, dep), Apr 12 (At Sea), Apr 13 (Rosendal), Apr 14 (Flaam), Apr 15 (Bergen), Apr 16 (At Sea), Apr 17 (Tilbury).
Apr 17 (Fri)
6-day from
Apr 17 (Tilbury, dep), Apr 18 (At Sea), Apr 19 (Rosendal), Apr 20 (Flaam), Apr 21 (Bergen), Apr 22 (At Sea), Apr 23 (Tilbury).
Apr 23 (Thu)
7-day from
Apr 23 (Tilbury, dep), Apr 24 (At Sea), Apr 25 (Eidfjord), Apr 26 (Flaam), Apr 27 (Skjolden), Apr 28 (Bergen), Apr 29 (At Sea), Apr 30 (Tilbury).
Apr 30 (Thu)
3-day from
Apr 30 17:00 (Tilbury, dep), May 01 08:00 - 18:00 (Gent), May 02 08:00 - 17:00 (Amsterdam), May 03 08:00 (Tilbury).
May 03 (Sun)
9-day from
May 03 (Tilbury, dep), May 04 (At Sea), May 05 (Kirkwall), May 06 (Stornoway), May 07 (Tobermory), May 08 (Dublin), May 09 (Saint Mary's), May 10 (Saint Peter Port), May 11 (Honfleur), May 12 (Tilbury).
May 12 (Tue)
12-day from
May 12 (Tilbury, dep), May 13 (At Sea), May 14 (Aalborg), May 15 (Warnemunde), May 16 (At Sea), May 17 (Tallinn), May 18 - May 19 (Saint Petersburg), May 20 (Helsinki), May 21 (Stockholm), May 22 (At Sea), May 23 (Holtenau), May 23 (Brunsbuttel), May 24 (Tilbury).
May 24 (Sun)
8-day from
May 24 (Tilbury, dep), May 25 (At Sea), May 26 (Bergen), May 27 (Andalsnes), May 28 (Olden), May 29 (Flaam), May 30 (Jondal), May 31 (At Sea), Jun 01 (Tilbury).

ms Marco Polo itinerary 2016 cruise schedule

ms Marco Polo accidents

 Date, location  Accident / Incident Report
Feb 14, 2014, UK/English Channel
  • ms Marco Polo accidents, incidents at ShipCruise.org85-years-old British passenger was killed when rough weather struck the ship. Water crashed through the window and injured several passengers. The man and a lady in her 70s were both airlifted off ship but the British traveler later died. Ms Marco Polo was sailing from Azores to Tilbury, England home port and was carrying 349 crew members and 735 passengers.
March 10, 2013, Norway Fjords
  • The most famous from the small fleet of Cruise&Maritime Voyages ships (aka CMV Cruises) ms Marco Polo ran aground, while sailing on its 14-night Norwegian Fjords itinerary (Amsterdam to UK/London).
  • It happened in a remote fjord in Norway located north of the Arctic Circle, where after leaving the port of Sortland the ship (under the command of a port pilot) struck an uncharted underwater rock and suffered hull damage (16″/40cm hole in its ballaster tank). The ship immediately returned to Sortland for a damage assessment, after the inspection and some hull repairs the vessel was cleared to continue with its Fjord itinerary. No injuries are reported. The Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) is solely responsible for the charts in this region, and they will investigate the incident. CMV have decided to disembark all its guests in Antwerp and the ship will go into dry-dock there for full hull inspection.
  • Passengers compensation – CMV announced that on the cancelled voyage all passengers will receive a full refund of the cruise cost and £50 per person in cash, plus a 25% future cruise discount on any round-trip sailing from UK in the line’s 2013/2014 program.
  • One of the reasons why the Marco Polo ship suffered only minor damages is that this nearly 50-year-old liner was originally constructed in the former Soviet Union with a greater hull strength to withstand contact with broken ice (read more at the ship-history link above).

ms Marco Polo position

See on the map below where is Cruise and Maritime Voyages Marco Polo cruise ship today – now!

If you lose the ms Marco Polo current position (tracking IMO 6417097) simply reload the page. This feature is integrated with our cruise ship tracker.

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