One Way Cruise to Hawaii

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“One-way Cruise to Hawaii” could mean one of two types of cruise travel deals. The cheaper option is booking one of the low-season discounted Repositioning Cruise deals to Hawaii from Sydney/Australia (in Spring) or from Alaska/Vancouver (in Fall). The other option is a special Hawaiian Islands vacation by booking one of the not so cheap, but absolutely possible (and most readily available) Hawaii fly-cruise deals with the optional sea and land (cruise and stay) package deals including some of the best local hotels and resorts.

The most special offers for a one-way cruise travel to Hawaii are available at the end of the Alaskan cruising season – check this link for one way cruise to Hawaii from Vancouver Canada. Integrated with NCL Pride of America Hawaii schedule and cruise ships to Hawaii from California.

One Way Cruise to Hawaii Deals

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One-way Hawaiian cruises departing from Alaska or California with cruise ship relocation are not regular probably not so convenient as departure dates, but their prices are alluringly cheap enough.  All Hawaii deals feature the USA’s newest state (added to the union in 1959),. The Hawaiian Islands as destination feature pristine beaches, top luxury resorts, affordable hotels, and the mesmerizing beauty of the Central Pacific. Best shore excursions & tours highlights – volcano tours, Honolulu tours, the two national parks (Haleakala/Maui and the “Hawaii Volcanoes” on Hawaii), three national historical parks, the Oahu’s Pearl Harbor memorial. This is the only US state not located on the North American continent.

Regular one-way cruises to Hawaii from USA (mainland ports, mostly from California) are not operated because of the US Maritime Law restrictions, not allowing foreign-flagged passenger ships to sail between US ports and Hawaii. Hawaiian Islands cruise travel vacations deals pertain to the 8 main islands, but there are hundreds smaller ones on a total territory of 28,300 The major Hawaiian ports are: the capital city Honolulu (Oahu), Kahului and Lahaina (Maui), Hilo and Kailua-Kona (Hawaii), Port Allen and Nawiliwili (Kauai). The below Hawaii deals prices are in US dollars, per person, FROM inside cabin TO suite.

One Way Repositioning Hawaii Cruises 2015-2016

Ship Name 2015-2016 dates Hawaii Repositioning Cruises 2015-2016 itineraries
Celebrity Millennium
  • (2016) Mar 29
  • Apr 15
  • 18d  Sydney to Honolulu, visiting Lautoka, Fiji (Suva, April 3), Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti (9)
  • 11d Honolulu to Vancouver, visiting Lahaina (17,18), Kailua, Hilo (20)
Celebrity Solstice
  • (2015) Apr 3
  • Apr 20
  • Sep 22
  • Oct 2
  • (2016) Apr 9
  • Apr 26
  • 18d Sydney to Hawaii, visiting New Zealand (Bay of Islands, Auckland), Tahiti (11), Moorea, Bora Bora (13), Lahaina
  • 11d Honolulu Hawaii to Vancouver, visiting Lahaina (22,23), Kailua, Hilo (25)
  • 10d Vancouver to Honolulu, visiting Hilo (28), Kailua, Lahaina (30)
  • 18d Honolulu to Sydney, visiting Lahaina, Tahiti (9), Bora Bora, Moorea (11), Auckland NZ, Bay of Islands
  • 18d Sydney to Honolulu, visiting Bay of Islands, Auckland (13), Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora (19), Lahaina
  • 10d Honolulu to Vancouver, visiting Lahaina (27,28), Kailua, Hilo
Cunard Queen Victoria
  • (2015) Feb 17
  • 19d Los Angeles to Brisbane (Mar 9)/ Sydney (Mar 11), visiting San Francisco, Honolulu (24), Apia, Fiji (Suva), Vila
HAL ms Oosterdam
  • (2015) Apr 19
  • 22d Sydney to Vancouver, visiting Noumea, Lifou, Vila, Fiji, Samoa, Kauai (May 3), Honolulu (4)
Golden Princess
  • (2015) Sep 19
  • (2016) Apr 17
  • 28d San Francisco to Sydney, visiting Honolulu, Lahaina (25), Tahiti (Oct 1), Bora Bora, Pago Pago, New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Akaroa, Dunedin, Fiordland
  • 30d Melbourne to LA, visiting Sydney, New Zealand (Fiordland, Dunedin, Akaroa, Wellington, Auckland), Pago Pago, Bora Bora (May 3), Tahiti, Hawaii (Honolulu)
Pacific Princess
  • (2015) Jan 7
  • Sep 7
  • Nov 17
  • 16d Tahiti to Los Angeles, visiting Hilo, Honolulu (16), Lahaina
  • 9d Vancouver to Hawaii, visiting Hilo, Lahaina, Kauai (15)
  • 16d Papeete Tahiti to LA, visiting Moorea, Bora Bora (19), Hilo, Honolulu, Lahaina
Legend of the Seas
  • (2015) May 14
  • May 24
  • 10d Ensenada to Honolulu, visiting Hilo, Kailua (21), Lahaina, Kauai (23)
  • 18d Honolulu to Sydney, visiting Moorea, Papeete, Bora Bora (Jun 1), Suva, Ile des Pins
Radiance of the Seas
  • (2015) Apr 19
  • May 6
  • Sep 11
  • Sep 21
  • (2016) Apr 3
  • Apr 20
  • 17d Sydney to Honolulu, visiting Picton, Wellington, Tahiti (28), Moorea, and Bora Bora (30)
  • 9d Honolullu Hawaii to Vancouver, visiting Hilo, Kailua (8) and Lahaina (9)
  • 10d Vancouver to Honolulu, visiting Hilo, Kailua (18), Lahaina, Kauai (20)
  • 18d Honolulu to Sydney, visiting Moorea, Papeete (28), Bora Bora, Wellington (Oct 5,6)
  • 17d Sydney to Honolulu, visiting Picton, Wellington (7), Papeete, Moorea (13), Bora Bora
  • 11d Honolulu to Vancouver, visiting Lahaina, Kailua (23), Kauai (24), Hilo.

All-inclusive Hawaii vacation deals include Hawaii tours package, cheap Fly Cruises (with transfers and transportation), 4 and 5-star cheap Hawaii hotels deals and all-inclusive Hawaiian resorts, like Kona Village, Grand Wallea, Halekulani, Four Seasons. The package Hawaii deals are costly, but once segmented, they prove to be the reasonable way to fully experience and enjoy this magical archipelago, and its numerous attractions.

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