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Princess Cruises itinerary 2015-2016 destinations and ports of departure are now on a single page. Read through Princess cruise ships sailing schedules (cruise calendar). Try also Princess Cruises ship tracker (live ship locator/AIS position). Enjoy our review of all old and new Princess Cruises itineraries and itinerary changes.

Here you are presented with the opportunity to easily compare all Princess itinerary changes 2015-2016 new itineraries (new cruises). The comparison of all Princess ships and their sailing routes, cruise ports of departure and all destinations will give you the important information about home-port and itinerary changes in the line’s new program.

Princess Cruises offers travelers the complete package including comfortable accommodations, comprehensive on board entertainment, options for families with children and, of course, incredible shore excursions. As it was founded in 1965, the Princess Cruises company has been able to refine their itinerary selection, and now you can sail to destinations all over the world with a vast array of diverse itineraries. The impressive selection presents over 100 itineraries that reach over 300 ports all around the globe.

All ship links in the table below redirect to the vessel’s complete sailing calendar and its itinerary in 2015 and 2016 (all departures and exact routes with ports of call) featuring also indicative fares on all main cabin categories (tickets prices per person per sailing).

Princess cruise tracker

Our live Princess cruise ship tracker is integrated with our Princess ships articles – for free!

At the end of each ship’s itinerary/schedule survey you’ll find a map with the ship’s current location (AIS position, our data is provided by the VesselFinder ship tracking portal). It’s all about convenience – you’ll know all sailing dates and destinations of your lady-ship – plus where your cruising Princess is today and now! Our Princess cruise ship tracking idea works only when you follow the links from the below table, so – enjoy it! Integrated with cruise ship tracker.

Princess Cruises 2015-2016 itineraries

Princess cruise itinerary, destinations, ship schedules

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Princess Ships Names / Porst of Departure Princess cruise Itineraries
Caribbean Princess (Fort Lauderdale, Southampton, NYC, Quebec city, Houston)
  • 7-days Caribbean (with Jamaica and Puerto Rico) from Fort Lauderdale FL
  • (2015 UK) Mediterranean, Norway, Norwegian Fjords and Iceland cruises from Southampton.
  • Repositioning Transatlantic.
Coral Princess (Fairbanks, Anchorage, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Whittier)
  • 10-11-days round-trip cruises to Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale (with Jamaica).
  • 7-days Alaska cruise one-way to Whittier from Vancouver, and the reverse.
  • Repositioning Florida-Alaska through Panama Canal (LA to Vancouver, Florida to Vancouver, and the reverse).
Crown Princess (Fairbanks, Whittier, Vancouver, Anchorage, LA)
  • 7-days Alaska cruises from Seattle (Alaska roundtrip)
  • from LA:
  • 3-days Ensenada from Los Angeles
  • 4- and 7-days Ensenada and California
  • 7-days Mexican Riviera
  • 28-days Tahiti and Hawaii
  • Repositioning Alaska to Los Angeles.
Dawn Princess (Dubai, Sydney, Southampton, Melbourne, Auckland, Fremantle, Singapore)
  • Australia-New Zealand & Tasmania from Melbourne:
  • 13d AU to NZ (round-trip)
  • 6d Tasmania (round-trip)
  • Around Australia Grand cruise (from Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney)
  • 2-days cruise Melbourne to Sydney (and the reverse).
Diamond Princess (Yokohama, Kobe, Hakata, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland)
  • 8-21-days (round-trip and one-way) cruises to New Zealand from Australia and the reverse (visiting Melbourne and Tasmania).
  • ~1-month cruises Around Australia from Sydney
  • 9-27-days Asia cruises (Yokohama round-trips) from Japan
  • relocation between Australia and Asia.
Emerald Princess (Southampton, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul)
  • UK cruises departing from Southampton to Norwegian Fjords, Baltic, Mediterranean
  • Western Caribbean cruises from Houston TX
  • (2015) Mediterranean cruises from Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul
  • Repositioning transatlantic to Europe from Florida.
Golden Princess (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima)
  • 15-days Hawaii cruises with Baja Ensenada from Los Angeles
  • 10-days Mexican Riviera cruises with Baja California from LA
  • 7-days Alaska cruises departing from Seattle WA
  • Repositioning cruises to Alaska from California and the reverse.
Grand Princess (Seattle, Vancouver, LA, Fairbanks, Calgary, Anchorage, Whittier, San Francisco CA)
  • From San Francisco CA:
  • 15d to Hawaii
  • 10d to Mexico
  • 10d to Alaska
  • 7d Pacific Coastal.
Island Princess (Vancouver, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Whittier, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Venice, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona)
  • 15-days transit Panama Canal cruises to Florida from California, and the reverse from LA and Fort Lauderdale
  • 11-days roud-trip Panama Canal cruises from Fort Lauderdale FL
  • 7-days Alaska cruises to Vancouver from Whitter, and the reverse
  • (2015) Repositioning transatlantic cruises
  • (2015) 12-days Mediterranean cruises from Venice and Barcelona.
Ocean Princess (Papeete, Sydney, Dover UK, Venice, Rome, Athens, Fort Lauderdale, Singapore)
  • 10-days Haiti cruises (round-trip, French Polynesia) from Papeete.
  • Northern Europe cruises from Dover (UK)
  • 14-days Baltic cruises (Russia and Scandinavia)
  • 8-days British Isles
  • 16-days Arctic & North Cape
  • 16-days Iceland-Greenland and Norway
  • 7-days Norwegian Fjords
  • (Mediterranean/Europe) one-way cruises from Greece and Italy (including Holy Land)
  • World Cruise 2015 to Europe/UK from Australia (South Africa route).
Pacific Princess (world cruise, Los Angels, Fort Lauderdale, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Papeete, Whittier, Vancouver, Calgary)
  • (2015) 111-days round-trip World Cruise from Los Angels (Panama Canal and Suez Canal transition routes)
  • 10-days round-trip cruise from Papeete to Tahiti
  • 7-days Alaska cruise from Whittier AK and Vancouver BC.
Regal Princess (Venice, Athens, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, Fort Lauderdale, Budapest, Copenhagen, Warnemunde, Saint Petersburg, New York City)
  • (2015) Europe/Baltic from Warnemunde/Berlin, Copenhagen, St Petersburg (Russia)
  • 7-days from Ft Lauderdale Eastern Caribbean (Bahamas)
  • Repositioning transatlantic.
Royal Princess (Copenhagen, Warnemunde, Budapest, Saint Petersburg, Washington, Southampton, New York, Ft Lauderdale FL, Shannon)
  • (2015) Europe/UK British Isles and Baltic cruises from Southampton
  • Fall Foliage Canada/New England cruises departing from New York
  • 10-days Eastern-Southern Caribbean departing from Ft Lauderdale FL (20-days travel deals back to back)
  • Repositioning transatlantic.
Ruby Princess (New York, Quebec City, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Seattle, Vancouver, LA, Fort Lauderdale FL, Southampton)
  • (2015) 7-days from Seattle WA to Alaska
  • (2015) from Los Angeles around South America
  • 10-days Canada and New England “Fall Foliage” from NYC
  • 7-14days from Ft Lauderdale to the Caribbean
  • Repositioning transatlantic to Europe from Florida, to New York from Southampton).
Sapphire Princess (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Singapore, Hong Kong, China)
  • 3-21-days Asia cruises from Singapore and China, visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea.
  • Optional cruise tours offered in China and Japan, including along Yangtze River.
Sea Princess (Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle, Southampton, Dubai, Singapore)
  • (2015) World Cruise from Sydney
  • 13-days to New Zealand from Brisbane
  • round-trip cruises (various lengths) to Asia from Fremantle.
Star Princess (San Francisco, Calgary, Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Whittier, LA)
  • Alaska cruises from Vancouver to Whittier (2015)
  • 15-days Ensenada and Hawaii
  • 10-days Mexico Riviera
  • 7-days Ensenada and California.
Sun Princess (Kobe, Hualien, Okinawa, Pusan, Otaru, Hong Kong, Sydney)
  • Asia Cruises
  • 3-8-days round-trip cruises to Russia, South Korea, Taiwan from Japan (Otaru, Kobe)
  • Australia round-trip cruises from Sydney
  • 13-14-days to Fiji and New Zealand
  • Relocation one-way cruises between Singapore and Australia.

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