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Princess Repositioning Cruises 2014

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Princess repositioning cruises 2014 Spring and Fall one-way sailings with Princess ship relocation deals are waiting for you to explore! Princess relocation cruises offer cheapest prices on deals for exclusively one-way and longer itineraries. Integrated with Relocation Cruises - Princess, and the rest of the world’s “big and famous” top cruise lines!

Princess Cruises repositioning ships

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Princess relocation cruises deals as destinations includes Alaska (also one day repositioning from Vancouver to Seattle and from Seattle to Vancouver), Transatlantic cruises to/from Europe, Princess cruises trough Panama Canal (Florida to California to Alaska, and from Alaska to California-Florida) Alaska to/from South America, Australia, Asia (Japan or China). For detailed itineraries and to compare prices – just follow the links below.

  • This is the link to the line’s website.
  • Princess ALASKA ships – Coral, Diamond, Golden, Island, Sapphire, Star.
  • Princess TRANSATLANTIC ships - Caribbean, Crown, Emerald, Pacific, Royal, Ruby.
  • Princess ships to CANADA/New England (repositioning to/from Florida and New York) – Caribbean, Emerald.
  • SOUTH AMERICA Princess ship - Crown.
  • Princess AUSTRALIA/ASIA ships - Diamond, Sun.

Princess Repositioning Cruises 2014 Alaska, Panama Canal, Transatlantic ships on relocation

ships 2014 Spring Fall 2014
Coral Princess Alaska repositioning, Panama Canal
  • 18d (Apr 28) – from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver.
  • 15d (Apr 28) – from Florida to Los Angeles.
  • 3d (May 13) – LA to Vancouver.
  • 16d (Sep 20) – from Vancouver to Florida
  • 2d (Sep 20) – from Vancouver to Los Angeles.
  • 15d (Sep 23) – from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale (Cabo, Puntarenas, Panama Canal, Colombia Aruba).
Crown Princess Transatlantic, Bermuda, UK-Florida, South America
  • 30d (Mar 6) – from South America/Buenos Aires to Los Angeles (Montevideo, Port Stanley, Cape Horn, Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, Puerto Montt, Santiago, Coquimbo, Pisco, Callao, Puntarenas, Juan del Sur, Vallarta).
  • 16d (Mar 20) – from from Chile/Valparaiso to Los Angeles.
Diamond Princess Alaska-Asia repositioning
  • 20d (Feb 21) – from Sydney to Singapore (Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Laem Chabang, Ho Chi Minh).
  • 5d (Apr 2) – from Singapore to Hong Kong (Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Chan May)
Emerald Princess Transatlantic, Florida-Europe-NYC-Florida, Bermuda, Iceland-Greenland
  • 14d (Apr 18) – from Fort Lauderdale/FL to Southampton/UK (Azores/Ponta Delgada, Cork, Dublin, Bruges, Paris/Le Havre).
  • 16d (Oct 25) – from Southampton/UK to Houston TX (Paris/Le Havre, Vigo, Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Bermuda/Royal Dockyard, Fort Lauderdale).
  • 13d (Oct 25) - from Southampton/UK to Fort Lauderdale/FL.
Golden Princess Alaska repositioning, Vancouver-Seattle-Vancouver
  • 3d (Apr 29) – Los Angeles to Vancouver.
  • 1d (Sep 20) – Seattle to Vancouver.
  • 2d (Sep 21) – from Vancouver to San Francisco with Victoria.
  • 16d (Dec 3) – Los Angeles to South America/Valparaiso, Chile (Cabo, San Juan del Sur, Puntarenas, Callao, Pisco, Coquimbo).
Island Princess Panama Canal cruise to/from Alaska
  • 18d (May 1) – from Florida/Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles (Aruba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico).
  • 18d (May 1) – Florida to Vancouver (Los Angeles).
  • 3d (May 16) – LA to Vancouver.
  • 2d (Sep 24) – Vancouver to San Francisco with Victoria BC
  • 17d (Sep 24) - from Vancouver to Florida (Victoria, San Francisco, Cabo, San Juan del Sur, Puntarenas, Panama Canal, Cartagena, Aruba, Fort Lauderdale).
  • 14d (Sep 27) – Panama Canal from San Francisco to Florida.
Pacific Princess Transatlantic, Bermuda, Suez Canal
  • 9d (Apr 23) – from Honolulu/Hawaii to Vancouver/Alaska (Nawiliwili, Kailua Kona, Hilo).
  • 11d (Sep 16) – from Vancouver to Honolulu/Hawaii (Hilo, Kailua Kona, Kahului, Lahaina, Nawiliwili).
(newest ship) Regal Princess Transatlantic from Mediterranean to Florida -
  • 17d (Oct 17) from Venice to Ft Lauderdale (Messina, Naples, Rome, Toulon, Barcelona, Madeira).
  • 28d (Oct 5) – from Barcelona to Florida (Toulon, Livorno, Rome, Naples, Greece/Mykonos, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Athens).
(new) Royal Princess Transatlantic from Europe to Florida
  • 14d (Apr 27) - from Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen/Denmark (Azores/Ponta Delgada, UK/Southampton, Paris/Le Havre, Amsterdam).
  • 17d (Apr 27) - from Florida to Germany/Berlin, Warnemunde (Oslo, Goteborg).
  • 20d (Apr 27) - from Florida to Russia/St Petersburg, Tallinn.
  • 27d (Apr 27) – from Florida to Copenhagen (Helsinki, Nynashamn).
  • 27d (Aug 30) – from Europe/Copenhagen to New York (Oslo, Goteborg, Warnemunde, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Nynashamn, Copenhagen, Kristiansand, Reykjavik, Greenock/Glasgow, Belfast, Cork, Newfoundland/St Johns, Nova Scotia/Halifax).
  • 24d (Sep 2) – from Warnemunde/Berlin to New York.
  • 20d (Sep 6) – from St Petersburg/Russia to New York.
  • 16d (Sep 10) – from Copenhagen/Denmark to New York.
Ruby Princess Transatlantic to/from Europe
  • 13d (Apr 27)- from Fort Lauderdale/FL to Southampton/UK (Bermuda/Kings Wharf, Lisbon, Bilbao, Paris/Le Havre).
  • 13d (Sep 8) – from Southampton to New York (Bergen, Shetland Isles, Iceland/Akureyri, Isafjord, Reykjavik, Canada/St Johns NF).
  • 25d (Aug 27) from UK, Transatlantic, British Isles, Channel Islands (Cork, Liverpool, Belfast, Greenock, Dublin, Invergordon, Edinburgh, Le Havre).
Sapphire Princess repositioning, Alaska-LA-Vancouver
  • 24d (May 18) – from Los Angeles to Shanghai/China (Hawaii/Honolulu, Mariana Islands, Japan-Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki and South Korea/Incheon).
  • 16d (Nov 10) – from Tianjin/China, to Singapore (Busan, Nagasaki, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Laem Chabang).
Star Princess Alaska repositioning Vancouver-Seattle-Vancouver
  • 4d (May 4) – from LA to Vancouver (San Francisco, Victoria BC).
  • 2d (May 9) – from Vancouver to San Francisco with Victoria.
Sun Princess 2014 cruise Australia-Asia-Japan
  • 22d (Mar 30) – from Sydney/Australia to Kobe/Japan (Darwin, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China (Hong Kong, Xiamen), Japan (Kochi).
  • 4d (Jun 24) – from Kobe to Otaru (Busan).
  • 4d (Sep 20) – from Otaru to Kobe (Busan).
  • 23d (Sept 24) – from Kobe/Japan to Sydney/Australia (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Darwin).

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