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Saga Cruises itinerary and destinations review

Reliability experience, vast range of destinations – all of these is Saga Cruises. Saga Holidays will help you get all of these and more as Saga Holidays cruise destinations span the whole globe and offer everything from classic river cruises to all-inclusive resorts and adventurous sea voyages. Saga cruises are tailored just for people over 50s. Saga understands this age group’s needs and provides a wide range of experiences.

Saga Cruises, currently based in Folkestone, was founded as a company which offered holidays and financial services to the over-60s, with competent staff and extra personal attention. Saga takes care of all the little details, long forgotten by other lines.

There are a variety of tours and hotel stays in addition to these three types of cruises-by sea, on rivers, on either an intimate Quest for Adventure / Saga Pearl II ship or classic liner. The other 2 Saga ships are Saga Ruby (since 2014 – a floating ship-hotel) and Saga Sapphire – classic and elegant liners for a classic British experience. Immerse yourself in culture of the different regions, relax at one of the traditional resorts. You can also get out and opt for escorted journey – visit the major sites with experienced tour manager.

You’ll find a great deal included in price – travel insurance, visa if required, additional cancellation cover. Then there are return economy flights, all airport taxes, charges and fees included; the services of representatives of Saga Itineraries- they really take care of everything. The Early Bird Price Promise of Saga Cruises means that it pays to book early- if the company cuts prices or later brings in new special offers, they will work out differences and give your money back.

Saga Cruises 2015-2016 Itineraries

Saga Holidays in Europe – different side to Italy and Spain

Saga Holidays offers Saga Itineraries specialized in travel for over 50s, has more than 60 years’ experience of holidays provided to explore riches in Europe. Saga Cruises, of course, is still coming up with new offers.

Saga itinerary – Discovering St James’ Way

A discovery of ancient pilgrims’ route is the highlight of one of Saga’s new holidays- it runs from southern France over Pyrenees, ending in Santiago de Compostela. Discover St James (Camino de Santiago) way with Saga! Along the Way, visit ancient cities and villages; do not do the hard work, walking in pilgrims’ footsteps. Look out for highlights as Gaudi’s fairytale Episcopal Palace; stay in Pamplona- evoked by Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises; taste wine in La Rioja’s bodega; see the cathedral cities of Logroño, Burgos, León. For 12 nights, prices start at £899. Among the many inclusions are additional cancellation cover and travel insurance, all breakfasts, ten dinners. You will be accompanied by experienced Saga manager throughout.

Saga itinerary – Naples to Apulia

Saga Cruises’ offer is colors of the South ninety-night tour. You will travel from Naples to olive groves of Puglia; stay on Ischia island with subtropical foliage. Discover the beautiful scenery of towns along the way; gain a wonderful insight into Italian way of life. You will stay in four throughout the tour- five-star hotels on half-board basis. Enjoy the glorious views of the bay while in Naples; visit Unesco World Heritage; listed dwellings in Apulia region; enjoy naturally heated spa thermal waters at Ischia hotel. As on many Saga holidays, prices start at £949 and single rooms – available on selected dates – no extra cost! Join Saga Cruises’ team and enjoy tours of Romania, Portugal, the Baltic; go shopping in Greece; join a tour in Croatia; discover Italian Lakes… Additional cancellation cover and travel insurance are one of money-saving elements that are included on Saga holidays.

Saga Cruises Tours in the US, Mozambique and Japan.

Let your year to embark on one of the most memorable journeys with Saga Cruises experts. The chances Saga Cruises has the right trip you have been looking for, are quite big. Wherever you want to go in the world and however you want to travel, there’s a good chance that Saga Cruises will help. Unlocking Japan’s mysteries! Stay in Mozambique’s authentic bush camps, dare to look over the edge of South Rim in Grand Canyon! Saga Holidays seeks for new destinations and new experiences for the over 50s audience- such are these exciting new tours.

Trans-frontier Trail – Mozambique to Kruger

This 12-night tour will make you discover Greater Limpopo Trans-frontier Park and the rich Portuguese. The three national parks in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, are protected and form a territory of 36,000 square miles. Mozambique’s most beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean are the place you could swim off, stay in comfortable bush camps and venture bush walks and safaris- for unrivalled opportunities for spotting wildlife. The size of the group is limited to twenty people. Of course, you will be fed well too- seven lunches, all breakfasts and dinners are price included.

Saga South West Iconic Parks of America

Wide-open spaces, fresh air and relax! Each of the national parks is more spectacular than the last one; the rock formations are impossibly beautiful and multi-colored. Experience Mother Road and what has left of Las Vegas Route 66- The Strip is the one place to stay if you travel through Nevada. The best way to experience the Grand Canyon is to stay in the park, close to South Rim. Since you will be in the Wild West, probably you will wish to experience the badlands of Painted Desert; see the Sedona formations of red rocks; enjoy scenic cruising along Antelope Canyon; see the limestone spires in Monument Valley.

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