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Themed Cruises 2014 include all the special sailings for special people on special cruise ships. “Theme Cruises” are your best ever chance to enjoy an excitingly affordable cruise vacation, being surrounded by passengers with interests exactly like yours. Make sure that the world’s best cruise ship lines have some so very special “Themed Cruise” offers you simply cannot refuse!

Our themed cruises selections include the following reviewed themes: FitnessDance and Music Themed, Golf, PartySingles, FamilyChristian (and to Holy Land), Christmas and New Years Eve.

“Theme Cruises”

Read below about the cruise ship onboard programming, lines, vessels, and many FAQs (Oh yes, I know, it sounds somehow confusing when spelled out ;)

What are “Themed Cruises”?Theme Cruises

Theme cruises take lots of forms, but they primarily are regular voyages with additional on-board programming. This special type of programming can range from seminars to learning and classroom-style sessions, from concerts to dance themes. Countless possibilities are waiting for you to explore- food and wine, religious, music and dancing, cruises for singles, alternative lifestyle themed, etc. Usually the programming occurs on board the cruise ship, but sometimes theme events take place in the port as well. You can search the huge content of Wikipedia from this link to its Theme directory (for arts, music, narrative, etc).

A few words about our “Theme Cruises” photo of choice here. It’s a colorful lady – all the way. Colorful just like the selection of unique choices you have from our long list of most special voyages. And what is a specially themed vacation without women, anyway? The God’s most charmingly beautiful creatures make the money-world go round! And they drive the cruise travel industry as well. So what a better theme in life – and on your special cruise vacation, than the woman by your side?

Theme Cruise Lines

The purest form of a theme cruise is what the line creates on-board one of company’s ships- all the passengers are entitled to be participants then. This was fairly common when shipboard transportation involved long sea stretches for ocean crossings. Nowadays, with more than 2,000 passengers on-board most cruise ships, it is not practical the entire ship to be turned into a themed sailing. But annual festivities as Regent Seven Seas’ Chocolate Cruise, Carnival’s NASCAR voyage, Holland America’s jazz festival, appeal to audience that is broad enough to warrant involvement of the whole line.Cruises become more mainstream and desired vacation options. With passengers that count at 4,000 or so, theme voyages that range from lifestyles to hobbies, theme trips are a way for the experience to be personalized.

Types of Theme Cruises

The theme cruise vacation travel today is a very popular way to connect people with common hobbies and interests to share the experiences of theme-related onboard activities which are impossible to live through on shore. Themed cruise specials can range from political to poker or music themed. The popularity of these vacations nowadays has spread across entire demographic spectrum and everyone is able to find out his own line or itinerary.

Special Interests / Private Theme Cruises

These trips are the most common of all themed specials. In these, a special group of interest arranges and purchases a number of staterooms that are in different categories. This special group also sets up the itinerary and makes arrangements for special guests; markets/promotes the cruise to travelers who would be interested in the activity. These groups have little impact on other passengers on board, though some public spaces might be taken over by them.

Private theme cruise specials are developed usually by an organization. They are administered by travel agency – if you want to participate in the events, you should book through this agency. General passengers on board will be prohibited from participation in the events. Some private theme cruises might comprise as many as twenty guests, while others- as many as one thousand. Keep in mind that a great number of private cruises include additional fees, such as fuel surcharges, gratuities, port fees, government taxes, as part of the overall cruise ticket prices. This is important to note while comparing theme sailings prices to the retail prices out in marketplace.

Themed Charter Cruises

This signifies full ship charter deals: This type of cruise includes entire ship’s organization around interest-du-jour. Everyone of the passengers is a participant to some extent. You can enjoy onboard events and additional activities on selected classic cruises which are going to be shaped around particular themes. If you want to learn about local history; or you are a music fan; or just want to improve your photography skills, themes add different dimensions to general cruise offers. The best part is that they all are completely free of charge!

Actually, these are also a kind of “private” cruises, but the difference is that everyone on the ship is in the action. Chartered cruise are usually implemented for religious themes, music, gaming tournaments (often poker themed), alternative lifestyle. Keep in mind that passenger ships are of wide range of sizes, and it is possible for a chartered cruise ship to only accommodate two hundred guests, while another accommodates as many as 3,000.

Cruise Line Themed Cruises

The major cruise lines offer their own kind of theme cruising to attract passengers. One of the main advantages of these themed voyages is that there is no additional cost for participating. Book through any travel agency or through the line’s website – it doesn’t really matter (except for the rates, of course). A negative side is that everyone on the ship is welcome to participate which makes the voyage less intimate. Such theme cruises are more speaker-, seminar- or musically oriented.

Cruise lines get more and more innovative – even a tattoo-themed cruise “Ink or Swim” is on offer starting April 16, 2015 out of Fort Lauderdale and visiting Cozumel, Mexico. Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas is the lucky ship chosen for the event. All guests will have the opportunity to sail while getting ink from the best artists, as well as to attend tattoo contests and join a private party on the beach in Cozumel. Rates start at $970 per person, double occupancy, including all Ink/Swim activities and exclusive events. Don’t forget the $100 credit towards on board tattoo for the first and second passengers in each room.

Theme Cruises for Singles/Adults, for Kids, Booking, and other FAQ

How to book a “Theme Cruise”?

For private and charter cruise deals you will have to book passage through the established by the group channels. Be very careful checking into this as direct operation! Some unscrupulous travel agents might ensure you that you will be able to join the event. And after getting there you might find out that you can’t – and it will be too late. On the other hand, if it’s a theme cruise sponsored by the line itself, book through a travel agent (if they offer more) or direct with the sponsoring line.

What is the limit for number of guests sailing on a themed cruise?

Each theme cruise has different dynamics, so inquire before booking. Guests on some themed cruises might be as few as a dozen, while on others- as many as two or three thousand. Determine if it is a private, charter, or cruise line themed.

Theme Cruises for Singles

Themed cruises for singles are one more than excellent opportunity for them to meet other single people sharing common interests or particular subjects. Usually the groups dine together and you will have the chance to get to know each other in the group. As for accommodation, no single supplement cruise deals are rare special offers since there are not so many cruise lines with ships with single cabins. Due to supplement rates you might find it too expensive to occupy a cabin as a single. This is the reason why many organizations provide sharing a cabin with other members of the group.

Can you bring the family? Of course, there are theme cruises suitable for family vacation, while others are not! Check this with the organizer before booking!

SAGA Themed Cruises

All the below offers come from the Saga Holidays cruise line. It’s just a temporary state (until we add more to the list), but at least for now you can compare here themes and fares on departures from UK.

Being an art & antiques themed cruise, Wonders of the Mediterranean offers insight into art & antiques of Mediterranean with a series of valuation sessions and fascinating talks.

Themed – Gardens, Motown

Voyage to the Canaries is a gardens themed cruise that give passengers the opportunity to enjoy programs of talks that reveal isles’ profusion of fragrant flowers and colorful gardens.

Portugal, Madeira & the Azores are Motown themed cruises. The Motown themed cruises recall the Motown glory with the sounds of The Temptations, Diana Ross, the Four Tops and more.

  • Voyage to the Canaries – onboard Saga Ruby – dep. Nov 23, 12 nights from £1,792 per person;

  • Portugal, Madeira & The Azores – onboard Saga Ruby – dep. Nov 8, 15 nights from £2,345 per person;

Themed – Classical Music, the 60s

St Petersburg and the Baltic is a classical music themed cruise. Join them and learn about the works of master composers; enjoy a program of recitals and concerts performed by Saga Cruises guest classical ensemble.

  • St Petersburg & the Baltic – onboard Saga Sapphire – dep. Sep 10, 16 nights from £2,441 per person.

Jazz Music Themed Cruise

Autumn in Canary Islands is swing & jazz themed cruise. Enjoy performances from Britain’s premier jazz band and Colin Bryant’s Hot Rythm Orchestra, as they will perform foot stomping repertoire from the 20s, 30s and 40s.

  • Autumn in the Canary Islands – onboard Saga Ruby, dep. Oct 25, 14 nights from £2,148 per person;

Themed – Natural History, Photography

Classic Mediterranean Cities is a photography themed cruise. Join and learn how to take better pictures, using the expert advice from professional photographers on-board- they will help you create a gallery of your own photographs throughout the cruise.

  • Classic Mediterranean Cities – onboard Saga Ruby – dep. Oct 10, 15 nights from £2,295 per person.

Theme Cruises 2014 special offers themed as Family, Art, History, Religious (Christian not included), Sports, Wellness, Lifestyle, MiscThemed Cruises

From the long list of all major passenger ship operators – the themed cruise lines with deals on theme voyages in 2014:

  • Most cheap lines with theme cruises are Royal Caribbean- always “huge ship” themed, Carnival- always “Fun Ship” themed, MSC- often “kids sail for free” themed.
  • Top luxury lines (expensive big time) – Azamara Club Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Paul Gauguin, Regent Seven Seas, SilverSea, Windstar.
  • Affordable cruise prices lines – Celebrity, Princess, P&O, NCL, HAL.
  • River cruise lines – for the best industry’s panoramic views, check the offers of Avalon and AMA Waterways in the table below.
theme / title 2014 departures dates ship / line (internal links to the ship’s schedule & current position) length / itinerary information (call for details) / external links

Luxury Lines and Themed River Cruises 2014

  1. Authors – “James Bradley, author of “Flags of Our Fathers”
  2. Sports – Participant – “Extreme Thrill Seekers”
  3. Lifestyle – “Explorations in Elegance”
  4. History & Politics – “Gladiators & Empires – The Roman Empire”
  1. Jan 18
  2. Mar 10
  3. Apr 18
  4. May 18
Crystal Serenity
  1. 22-day World Cruise leg from Los Angeles, CA
  2. 11-day Singapore to Cape Town
  3. 12-day Europe from London (Southampton)
  4. 12-day Mediterranean from Venice
  1. 800-326-4971, link
  2. 800-326-4971, link
  3. 800-326-4971, link
  4. 800-326-4971, link
  1. Wellness – Polynesian “Mind, Body & Spirit”
  2. Cards/Games – “Bridge Cruise Down Under”
  3. Financial/Investing – “The 2014 Chairman’s Circle Wealth Cruise”
  4. TV/Film/Media – “Crystal Cruises’ Film & Theatre Festival”
  5. TV/Film/Media – “Television Personality & Author Bill Boggs”
  1. Jan 08
  2. Feb 02
  3. Feb 16
  4. May 15
  5. Oct 28
Crystal Symphony
  1. 12-day South Pacific from Santiago (Valparaiso)
  2. 14-day New Zealand/Australia
  3. 12-day South Pacific from Sydney, Australia
  4. 17-day Panama Canal from Los Angeles
  5. 15-day Trans-Pacific from San Diego, CA
  1. 800-326-4971, link
  2. 800-229-2542, link
  3. 888/684-7245, link
  4. 800-326-4971, link
  5. 800-326-4971, link
  1. Auto & Motorcycle – “Formula One Grand Prix 2014″
  2. History & Politics – “Memories Of WW II Voyage”
  3. Art – “Alcazar, Dali & Gaudi Voyage”
  1. May 19
  2. Jun 03
  3. Sep 03
Azamara Journey
  1. 8-day Mediterranean from Rome (Civitavecchia)
  2. 11-day British Isles from Lisbon
  3. 10-day Mediterranean from Lisbon
  1. 800-326-4971, link
  2. 800-326-4971, link
  3. 800-326-4971, link
Holidays – “New Years 2014 in Hong Kong” Dec 22 Azamara Quest 14-day Asia from Singapore 800-326-4971, link
Intellectual pursuits – “Exploring NOVA” Jan 25 Regent Seven Seas – Mariner 14-day Caribbean from Miami, FL 855-788-7880, link
History & Politics – “Victor Davis Hanson” May 18 Oceania Cruises – Regatta 11-day Mediterranean from the USA. for Ljubljana, Slovenia 800-968-8747, link
Art Lover – “Mediterranean Art & Culture Cruise” Jun 08 Windstar – Wind Surf 12-day Mediterranean from Rome 212-348-5449, link
  1. Alternative Lifestyle – “Feel Free Olivia Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Cruise”
  2. History & Politics – “National WWII Museum: 70th Anniversary of D-Day Cruise”
  1. Jan 21
  2. May 30
Silversea – Silver Cloud
  1. 7-day South America from Buenos Aires
  2. 10-day Europe
  1. 800-631-6277, link
  2. 877-813-3329 x 257
Nature – “Ultimate Antarctica and Patagonia” Jan 04, 25 Seabourn Quest 21-day Antarctica from Buenos Aires 800-326-4971, link
Nature – “Cruises for Penguin Lovers” Jan 15, Feb 16, Feb 22 Quark Expeditions – ms Sea Spirit 14- & 15-day Antarctica 800-326-4971
Family Travel – “Kids in Nature” Multiple – March 2014 Un-Cruise Adventures – various 7-day Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico 800-326-4971
  1. Alternative Lifestyle – “Shoes Only 5th Annual Lifestyle Caribbean Cruise”
  2. Alternative Lifestyle – “Ménage a Asia LIfestyle 2014″
  3. Crafting – “Tahiti Quilt Seminar at Sea”
Jan 04
Jul 27
May 01
Paul Gauguin Cruises
1- ms Tere Moana
2- ms Paul 3- Gauguin
ms Paul Gauguin
  1. 8-day Caribbean from Philipsburg, St Maarten
  2. 7-day Asia from Singapore
  3. 10-day Tahiti from Papeete
  1. 800-278-5149, link
  2. 800-278-5149, link
  3. 866-573-6351, link
  1. Art Lover – “Avalon Art & Impressionist Theme Cruise – 2014″
  2. Religious/Jewish – “Jewish Heritage European River Cruise”
  3. Wellness – “European Wellness River Cruise”
  4. History & Politics – “WWI History Cruise – France”
Aug 12
Oct 19
Jul 14
Jul 14, 22, 23
Avalon Waterways
1- Avalon Creativity
2- Avalon Luminary
3- Avalon Expression
4- Creativity, Scenery, Panorama
  1. 7-day Seine River from Paris16-day Seine & Rhone Rivers
  2. 13-day Danube River from Budapest
  3. 13-day Danube River from Budapest
  4. 5, 8 & 16-day Seine, Rhone & Rhine Rivers
Crafting – “AMA Waterways Knitting New Year’s Cruise” Dec 27 AMA Waterways – AmaBella 7-day Danube River 800-326-4971, link

Princess, Carnival, Celebrity Themed Cruises 2014

Miscellaneous – “Seventh Annual John Heald Bloggers Cruise” Feb 16 Carnival Sunshine 7-day Caribbean from New Orleans LA 888-227-6482
Fund Raisers & Charity – “Cruise for the Troops” Mar 15 Carnival Miracle 7-day from Long Beach to Mexico (Cabo and Vallarta) 949-322-4098
TV/Film/Media – “Duck Dynasty Cruise” Jul 17 Carnival Victory 4-day Caribbean from Miami, FL 800-889-5265, link
  1. Lifestyle – “CuteTee’s Couples”
  2. Wellness – “New Age – Soul Nourishment Cruise”
  1. Feb 08
  2. Mar 29
Celebrity Reflection
  1. 7-day Caribbean from Miami, FL
  2. 7-day Eastern Caribbean from Miami, FL
  1. 855-7CUTETEE, link
  2. 952-240-2158, link
  1. Politics – Conservative – “”
  2. Crafting – “Round Bobbin Sewing/Quilting Cruise with Kaye Wood”
  1. Jan 12
  2. Feb 09
  3. Mar 30
Celebrity Silhouette 7-day Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  1. 800-707-1634, link
  2. 989-709-0978, link
Miscellaneous – “Come Sail with a Kiwi” Jan 20 Celebrity Solstice 14-day Australia and New Zealand from Sydney, AU 818-528-8300, link
Religious/Catholic – “St. Michael’s Media / ChurchMilitant.TV – 2nd Annual “Retreat at Sea” Jan 12 Royal Princess 7-day Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale, FL 805-526-6565, link
Fund Raisers & Charity – “Cruising for a Cause: Princess Has Heart” Feb 10 Ruby Princess 5-day Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 800-326-4971, link
Crafting – “Quilt & Cruise to Hawaii” Mar 22 Grand Princess 15-day Hawaii from San Francisco CA 650-773-5756

Themed Cruises 2014 Royal Caribbean

Family Travel – “DreamWorks Animation Experience aboard Royal Caribbean” year round Royal Caribbean International – various ships 7-day Various Itineraries 800-326-4971, link
Running & Walking – “The Ultimate Active Vacation: Caribbean” Feb 02 Royal Caribbean – Freedom of the Seas 7-day Caribbean from Port Canaveral, FL 800-707-1634, link
Religious/Jewish – “Eastern Caribbean Kosher Cruise” Jan 19 Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Allure of the Seas 7-day Eastern Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 877-724-5567, link
  1. Fund Raisers & Charity – “Mykel Hawke – Green Beret Foundation Benefit Cruise”
  2. Miscellaneous – “Charlotte High School Alumni Cruise”
  1. Jan 23
  2. Mar 10
Royal Caribbean – Liberty of the Seas
  1. 4-day Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  2. 5-day Caribbean from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale
  1. 724-783-7834;1-800-546-9791, link
  2. 941-639-7855, link
Sports – Fan – “Hat Trick Cruise” Feb 09 Royal Caribbean – Independence of the Seas 6-day Western Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 888-221-1209, link
  1. Crafting – “Craftin Cow Crop & Cruise”
  2. Sports – Fan – “Pittsburgh Steelers Cruise”
  1. Feb 01
  2. Mar 10
Royal Caribbean – Brilliance of the Seas
  1. 5-day Caribbean from Tampa, FL
  2. 5-day Bahamas from Tampa, FL
  1. 941-639-7855, link
  2. 412.381.5553, link
  1. Crafting – “Hoffman Quilting Cruise to the Tropical Caribbean”
  2. Crafting – “Cruise & Crop with Lickety Split Scrapbooks”
  1. Mar 11
  2. Apr 06
Royal Caribbean – Explorer of the Seas
  1. 10-day Caribbean from NYC New York
  2. 7-day Western Caribbean from Galveston, TX
  1. 714-325-5708, link
  2. 352-527-8473, link
Crafting – “Quilting the Kaye Wood Way-Australia & New Zealand” Jan 17 Royal Caribbean – Voyager of the Seas 19-day Australia and New Zealand from Sydney, Australia 989-709-0978, link

Theme Cruises 2014 Holland America, NCL Norwegian, P&O, MSC, other lines

  1. Crafting – “Antarctica Knitting Cruise”
  2. Intellectual pursuits – “NY Times Jouneys 2014″
  1. Jan 29
  2. Feb 19
Holland America – ms Zaandam
  1. 21-day Antarctica from Buenos Aires
  2. 14-day South America from Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile
  1. 877·972·7238, link
  2. 650-787-5665, link
Crafting – “Full Transit Panama Canal Quilting Cruise with Road to California” Apr 15 Holland America – ms Westerdam 14-day Panama Canal from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 714-325-5708, link
Crafting – “Alaska Knitting Cruise 2014″ Jul 20 Holland America – ms Amsterdam 7-day Alaska from Seattle, WA 877·972·7238, link
History & Politics – “70th D-day Anniversary Cruise” May 01 Holland America – ms Eurodam 12-day Europe 800-326-4971
Photography- “Baja Whale Bounty” Jan 25; Feb 15 Safari Voyager 8-day Mexico Sea of Cortés 888-862-888, link
Photography- “Discoverer Glacier Country” Jun 29; Aug 17 Safari Endeavour 8-day Inside Passage Glacier Bay Alaska National Park 888-862-888, link
Photography – “Hawaiian Seascapes” Feb 22 Safari Explorer 8-day Hawaiian Islands 888-862-888, link
Photography – “Photography Workshop Alaska Cruise” Jun 21 Holland America – ms Zuiderdam 7-day Alaska Inside Passage from Vancouver, BC 509-720-6984
Crafting – “Caribbean Quilt Seminar at Sea” Jan 27 Holland America – ms Noordam 11-day Southern Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 866-573-6351, link
History & Politics – “Panama Canal’s 100th Anniversary” various Holland America Line – various ships 10-22-day Panama Canal 800-326-4971
Religious themed cruises

  1. “LDS Cruise to the Mayan ruins in Mexico”
  2. “LDS Cruise / Book of Mormon Cruise”
  3. “LDS Cruise to the Mayan ruins in Mexico”
  1. Jan 05
  2. Mar 02
  3. Nov 02
NCL – Norwegian Dawn 7-day Mexico & Central America from Tampa, FL
  1. 801-859-1313, link
  2. 801-859-1313, link
  3. 801-859-1313, link
Miscellaneous – “Ports of Apparitions Cruise” Feb 07 NCL – Norwegian Jewel 9-day Western Caribbean&New Orleans from New Orleans 604-858-1887, link
Alternative Lifestyle – “3rd Annual A Celebration of Friends Cruise” Jan 11 NCL – Norwegian Epic 7-day Eastern Caribbean from Miami, FL 877-632-5301, link
Wellness – “Awakening the Spiritual Realms” Mar 08 P and O Australia – Pacific Dawn 7-day South Pacific from Brisbane 001161393741522, link
  1. Wellness – “Holistic Holiday at Sea XI”
  2. Fund Raisers & Charity – “”YMCA” First Annual Cruise”
  3. Family Travel – “The Smurfs 2” Family Activities Program
  1. Mar 01
  2. Mar 08
  3. May 17
MSC Divina
  1. 7-day Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  2. 7-day Caribbean from Miami, FL
  3. 3, 7, 10 & 14-day Caribbean
  1. 305 725 0081, link
  2. 303-949-6355, link
  3. 800-326-4971
Lifestyle – “Lyceum Club of Greek Women” May 10, Jun 07, Sep 13, Oct 11 Louis Cruises – Olympia 3 & 7-day Greek Isles from Athens, Greece 800-326-4971
Nature-themed cruises

  1. “Expedition to Antarctica Including overnight at the South Pole”
  2. Astronomy – “2014 Costa Rica Southern Sky Party”
  3. “Iceland: Fire, Ice and the Aurora”
  4. “Expressions of the Past Cave Art of Spain and France”
  5. “The North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure”
  1. Jan 01
  2. Mar 01
  3. Mar 23
  4. May 04
  5. Jun 18
TravelQuest International Land Based Tour
  1. 11-day Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile
  2. 8-day Costa Rica from San Jose
  3. 7-day Iceland from Reykjavik
  4. 12-day Spain and France from Madrid
  5. 15-day North Pole from Helsinki
  1. 800-830-1998, link
  2. 800-830-1998, link
  3. 800-830-1998, link
  4. 800-830-1998, link
  5. 800-830-1998, link
  1. Astronomy – “Mexico Sea of Cortés”
  2. Birding – “Mexico Sea of Cortés”
  3. Marine biology – “Mexico Sea of Cortés”
  1. Apr 12
  2. Feb 08
  3. Feb 21, 22; Mar 14, 15
Safari Voyager
  1. 8-day Cousteau World Aquarium
  2. 8-day Baja Whale Bounty
  3. 8-day Baja Whale Bounty
  1. 888-862-8881, link
  2. 888-862-8881, link
  3. 888-862-8881, link
Marine biology – “Alaska  Discoverer Glacier Country” Jul 06, 13; Aug 10 Safari Endeavour 8-day Inside Passage Glacier Bay Alaska National Park 888-862-8881, link

Over the last years, the interest in theme cruises has grown considerably. And this is an area within the cruise industry which is going to develop more and more in future. Be up-to-date with your theme cruise deals search and let the public know about your trip. Themed cruises offer enjoyable activities- they offer everything the ship line brings to table, but with added value- their programming! And don’t forget to check out our top-page links for more themed cruise specials!

You can share/like/rate our review on Themed Cruises 2014 specials via the social buttons. You guys be sure to visit us again soon to see our latest updates with links to Singles and Christian themed sea ship cruises. You, guys, enjoy your special themes at sea! And you, ladies, have best of fun and make your theme cruise splurging news worthy! You most surely know how to do it!

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