What is a Repositioning Cruise?

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What is a “Repositioning Cruise”, what are the best lines with repositioning cruise deals? Reposition cruise ships, itineraries, sailing dates, price comparison, tips and tricks can all be found here, integrated with Relocation Cruises.

What is a Repositioning Cruise – definition

What is a Repositioning Cruise special by definitionCruise repositioning (ship relocation) means always an one-way itinerary (different embarkation – disembarkation port), it’s operated always by ocean-going passenger ships, almost always during Spring and Fall and it always offers the cheapest cruise prices for a particular ship/line. The only exceptions of this general rule may occur when newly built cruise ships are being re-positioned from the ship-building yard to their home-ports, or when ships change their departure ports with new ones (which often does occur in the winter months).

Anyway, by definition, a repositioning cruise is temporary (as opposed to regularly operated) itinerary which relocates a ship from one seasonal route/destination to another. Decisions to relocate a ship are always based on economic considerations. Cruise lines reposition ships only if they forecast a greater demand, better sales/occupancy and higher earnings in another vacation region/destination. Repositioning cruises are are so very much cheaper in comparison to regular sailings because often passengers need to combine these deals with one-way airline tickets. Another reason is that cruise travelers prefer port-intensive itineraries (visiting more ports of call and with less sea days). Which also means you can use these so special and really cheap cruise offers as a one-way air ticket alternative. In most cases the cruise prices are even better, not to mention the exotic destinations and views, the onboard activities and amenities, etc.

Repositioning cruise deals – cheap ships & low-season travel destinations

Ship relocation cruise deals are a necessity for most of the world’s major cruise lines due to the great number of operational passenger ships in their fleets. Another major reason are the numerous and most diverse destinations these ships operate in so many different regions around the world. If all these really big to biggest cruise ships sail empty on their long relocation/one-way itineraries, it would be a bad business for any cruise company, a shame for the common sense of humans as species, and, of course, a non-existent opportunity for all the adventurous travelers fortunate enough to have the time to sail on longer trips and willing to enjoy discounted cheap sea vacations on big oceanic ships in low season.

The most popular ship repositioning destinations are in the same time some of the world’s absolutely best cruise travel destinations – Transatlantic crossings (Europe, South America, Canada), Caribbean, Alaska-Hawaii-Australia, not so often Asia. Along with the Transatlantic destination, the Panama Canal cruise is another unique itinerary option with these deals – and again at best ever prices. Virtually all repositioning cruise deals are for Spring (late March through early May) and Fall (mid-late September through late November, sometimes in December – depending on the region). These are the times when cruise ship lines transition between their summer-winter schedules. Few ports of call along the way is also a part of the repositioning cruise deals, although some ships may stop at several ports in the early part of the cruise, particularly when ships depart from Europe, and especially from the Mediterranean. So expect to spend most of the days of your long voyage at sea.

what is the best repositioning cruise Royal Caribbean shipsRepositioning cruise deals as low season travel discounts are the cheapest option to visit an amazing vacation destination at its best/lowest rates. These not-so-popular off-season travel months also offer some of the most cheap fly and cruise deals to and from Mediterranean, Caribbean (mostly with flights to and from Florida ports), Alaska, South America, Australia. Low-season travel also offers the alluring option of booking cheap cruise and stay packages to enjoy less crowded resorts in charmingly beautiful places all over the world with crazy cheap prices even on luxury hotels and all inclusive resorts.

What are the world’s best-cheap repositioning cruise itineraries

  • Imagine a cheap cruise starting from Sydney Australia, visiting the best Pacific Islands, then visiting the Hawaiian Islands, then going to Alaska and ending in Vancouver, and sometimes in Seattle!
  • Imagine a cheap cruise from Europe departing from one of its largest Mediterranean ports, like Barcelona, Rome, Venice or Athens, visiting Canary Islands or the Azores, then going all the way Transatlantic to Caribbean and Florida, or the South America with visiting the most famous ports in Brazil! How about a low priced Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York, visiting along the way Scotland and Ireland, Iceland and Greenland, and just before the NYC disembarkation – stopping in some of the best East Coast ports of Canada New England! Or an one-way Transatlantic cruise from Southampton to Caribbean visiting the Canaries and ending in Barbados!
  • Imagine a cheap Panama Canal cruise crossing, starting with Vancouver and Alaska, then visiting the largest ports in California, like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego, then visiting the Mexican Riviera, then transiting through the Panama Canal miracle to reach Florida or New Orleans, or Galveston, or continuing all the way to New York City!
  • Imagine a most cheap one-way Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Seattle or the reverse Seattle to Vancouver – the same Alaska with extremely low to indecently cheap cruise ship tickets prices!
  • Or imagine a Suez Canal cruise from UK to Asia or Australia New Zealand! Yes, it could well be a relocation sailing as oppose to the expensive Around the World cruise itineraries!
  • And this is happening EVERY year, during each Spring and Fall, always! Well, imagine no more! It’s a real deal, it’s a best deal not to be missed!
  • Best sites to find this type of cruises – Expedia and Orbitz – they are wholesellers, they got the best prices. Some of the major cruise lines (and I refer mostly to Carnival) offer the cheapest rates possible with early booking – excepting the group booking rates, of course.

What are Repositioning Cruises as pros & cons (benefits and drawbacks)

First of all, a repositioning cruise means cheap travel (50%+ discounted rates) and more time at sea, plus

  • less crowded “entertainment” ships
  • your best chance to get “bored of fun”, and your perfect chance to sample some of the world’s most famous cruise ships – cheap!
  • additional onboard entertainment options and “bonus” activities (interesting lectures and cooking & dance classes are the hits)
  • only the world’s best vacation travel regions
  • longer than usual ocean voyages (2+ weeks in length)
  • the issue of seasickness (some people don’t like much the “motion of the ocean”)
  • few ports of call (which also means less shore excursions and exotic shopping)
  • inflexible departure dates (difficult to fit with any special occasions or holiday vacation days)
  • an increased onboard spending (more time at sea)
  • also, you will probably need to book hotels and a flight back to the departure point.
  • Well, it’s surely perfect for retired people – they got all the time in the world, enough money to spend on themselves, plus the possibility of receiving all kinds of age-related discounts!
  • Bottom line – retired or not, these deals are always your best chance to visit exotic ports, to sail on the world’s largest passenger ships at their lowest rates, to spend many days at sea enjoying the sun and exotic drinks by the ship’s pool, to gamble at the casino, to watch great movies and grand shows at the theater, plus the gourmet all inclusive dining, a nice stateroom, great amenities, perfect service!

You can share/like/rate our answer to What is a Repositioning Cruise via the social buttons. As to the money, know that prices on repositioning cruise deals usually go down, but the economic law of “Supply And Demand” will always rule – cruise lines will price cruises and cabin categories accordingly. Good luck with your big-cheap-ship deals, always safe and happy sailings, have your best fun at sea – and save money while doing it!

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