What is Free/Included in a Carnival Cruise?

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What is included in a Carnival cruise price and what is free on a Carnival cruise. Our answers will give you a much better chance to fully enjoy your Carnival cruise ship vacation planning – and the Carnival cruise packing time, knowing what is what and costs how much exactly. Integrated with our answer to the “are Carnival cruises all inclusive” question.

As to what is free on Carnival cruises, well, we all know there’s no such thing as free dinner. And the “Fun Ship” fun is not going for free – that’s for sure. Still, on board any of the Carnival Fun Ships there are numerous things you get for absolutely free – either as inclusions or “regular bonuses”. And here we are – with the best summary/review on the subject.

What is included in a Carnival cruise price?What is Included in a Carnival Cruise Price

The unconditional benefits of buying the most affordable of all Carnival cruise “Fun Ship” tickets.

  • Most of the Carnival deals include as bonuses from US $100 to $250 ship-board credit. And if you own at least 100 of the Carnival shares – you’ll get an on-board credit every time you sail with any of the Carnival Corporation’s ships.
  • Other often available discounts and bonuses with Carnival deals are free shore excursion and up to 7-category cabin upgrades (depending on destination, season, travel agency, etc.)
  • All dining options with the 24 hr room-service, in the main restaurants, the Lido buffet, the pool grills, the Pizzeria.
  • All on-board activities (including pools and the kids and youth programs), as well as all the entertainment (live shows, movies, etc.) and sport activities (fitness center, jogging track, volleyball and basketball courts, mini golf, table tennis, etc.).

The Carnival Cruises all inclusive experience video!

Carnival cruise free alcohol

  • a free bottle of Champagne by participating in the on-board game shows
  • the Carnival Steakhouse free wine promotion (a free bottle of wine if you make a Steakhouse reservation for the first night of your sailing.
  • free liquor/wine tasting in the duty-free shops (usually the 1st night)
  • free Champagne at Art auctions (note: no art purchase necessary)
  • free drinks (including alcohol) and free Hors d’oeuvres at the Captains Party and Past Passenger parties (the last ones are on the 5+ days sailings only). You may also order whatever you want – it’ll be still free.
  • Integrated with our review of the new Carnival “Cheers” alcohol included package.

“Carnival cruise free drinks” – what drinks are free/included on Carnival cruises

  • list of free room-service drinks: orange-tomato-apple-grapefruit juice, regular & decaffeinated coffee, hot & unsweetened iced tea, hot chocolate, regular-skim-chocolate milk.
  • free Afternoon Tea (on sea days only, serving specialty teas, as well as smoked salmon, strawberries & cream, and delicious cakes)
  • free souvenir-glass by buying a DOD (“drink of the day”)
  • in the 24-hour Lido Deck buffet are always free the following drinks: milk, coffee, hot and iced tea, hot chocolate and lemonade.
  • Carnival free drinks at the casino – as part of the Ocean Players Club benefits and “Drink On Us” program.
  • since Carnival upgraded some ships with new coffee (vending) machines, the free cappuccino and espresso offers are slowly disappearing fleet-wide.
  • Integrated with our Carnival cruise drink prices hub – about how much are drinks on Carnival.

The “Carnival cruise free food” – what food is included on Carnival cruises

  • Appetizers-soups-salads-entrees-desserts in the main dining rooms – order as many as you want (they are all free, including steak and lobster served usually on the Elegant Dining Night), plus everything on the Lido deck with the exception of alcohol-sodas-coffees.
  • healthy, low in fat and cholesterol selections, are also available in the main dining room.
  • you’re eligible for a free steak when you purchase a bottle from the on-board wine house.
  • free soft ice cream 24 hours a day, free hard ice cream plus all kinds of fixings for sundaes in the afternoon hours.
  • 24 hours room service and pizzeria, offering caesar salad, calzones and pizza!
  • the pre-dinner Sushi bar is free of charge (open only for a few hours in the late afternoon – from 5p.m. to 8p.m.).
  • the Taste bar (also open from 5p.m. to 8p.m.) boasts bite-size complimentary offerings inspired by the newest dining venues.
  • The banana splits and the mac&cheese in the main dining rooms (from the kids menu).

Other free Carnival stuff (items & services)

  • What is Free on a Carnival Cruise(at the Guest Services Desk) a deck of cards (with the Carnival logo) and postcards with picture of the ship on them.
  • in-stateroom movies.
  • the cruise book in your cabin.
  • many free stuff as giveaways at port talks.
  • free medications – Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Neosporin, PeptoBismol, plus the cure for the sea sickness.
  • The bathroom’s amenities basket is free – razors, toothpaste and dental floss, Emergen-C, a lotion, a shampoo and Advil (an analgesic medicine).
  • Free of charge processing of Travelers checks (note: there’s a fee for personal checks).
  • a free Carnival Spa treatment (usually facial) with the spa tour when you 1st get on the ship. If you participate in the Spa talks you can get 10% discount on prices. In the Spa-complex free of charge for all guests are the steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs. Booking one of the Carnival Cloud 9 Spa rooms additionally will give you 2 free fitness (yoga or pilates) classes, plus unlimited access to the Thalasotherapy pool.
  • Carnival free WiFi/wireless/Internet access – guests are allowed to access a certain set of websites for free through Wi-Fi (either in the Internet Cafe or on their personal devices), but for visiting other websites (including for checking e-mails) they have to purchase minutes.
  • Check the “Fun Times” newsletter for all the special offers by The Fun line while onboard.
  • free Carnival Suite amenities, services & bonuses you get for choosing the best of the best Carnival accommodations available on the Fun Ships. The list includes: best ship locations, priority boarding & tendering, express embarkation luggage delivery, exclusive suite-guests only cocktail invitations, dining room seating preferences, 24-hr concierge service, complimentary laundry & dry cleaning, robes, a welcome aboard basket with champagne & chocolates, complimentary daily canapes, a huge balcony to enjoy the best views on your best Carnival ship vacation.

What is not free on a Carnival cruise?

  • alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, bottled water, items from the patisserie, specialty dining (steakhouse, supper club)
  • Spa Carnival (Cloud 9 Spa), Casino, Bingo, Arcade, “Golf Academy”
  • shore excursions, onboard/duty-free shopping, medical services, all photo services
  • babysitting (charged only from 10 pm to 3 am), Wi-Fi, Internet.

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